Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Quick random story

So much, there is just so much going on. I can't find the words to do justice to any of the topics flashing by weekly...daily. Instead I am offering this simple story -

It was Dolphy Day at LeMoyne College in the spring of 1990. No classes would be attended, replaced instead with "beverages" and music outside all day long. The opening chords of Free Fallin' came out of the speakers. My roommate and I waited patiently for the first chorus, then started singing our hearts out - as one does. This friend of ours said "Who sings this song?" I remember thinking he was a complete dolt for having to ask, as I answered "Tom Petty". His response? "Let's keep it that way." 


  1. I know....I've been so sad today! :( I enjoyed your story!

  2. I love this story.
    Full Moon Fever was my favorite album of his.
    I remember riding in the car with my brother screaming his songs.

  3. you gave me a flashback to a Tom Petty concert way back in the day. He and his band just jammed

  4. My son tells me that all the time, and yes, I like to sing along with Tom Petty songs, too.