Tuesday, October 10, 2017

No better time than the random

Can you smell it? Something is in the air-October is here! If you've spent the past few autumns here, you know what that means...my birthday is coming...which also tends to mean that A NEW CREEPY MONKEY WILL SHOW ITSELF!!!!! (Last year there was a bit of a recap.) Luckily the horror delight of this year's offering appeared to a dear friend of mine who lives out of town. I could have missed the opportunity to gaze upon this...
She emailed this to me with a simple message that said "I assume we are going to this". Such rage on this banana-hearted monkey's face! It almost made me feel like I had no other option than spending the $800...would he haunt my dreams forever if I didn't?! I wonder what they are serving for lunch. 

Speaking of lunch, the other day I was wondering if I would be able to tell if the waffles I had made days before were still good...
...why, yes, it was rather apparent. Any other blatantly obvious issues around here? Oh, I don't know, like plants that need to be watered?
Hm! Any odors that need to be trapped?
Hey wait, what's the problem with all of that chocolate ice cream? Graphics team, go home and think about what you've done here. Why can't you be more like these marketing folks?
Seriously, this is my new favorite product name...ever! 

I guess it is time for me to go stretch out and rest now. Hopefully a bird doesn't slam into the glass and land dead on me while I do so (at least that is my CSI theory). 

I am sorry for sharing that one (kind of), but seriously, can you even believe my magnetism for such random? 


  1. I think someone leads a life nearly as strange as mine. Your monkey friend is truly hideous. Dead birds fall on me all the time. I attract weirdness. My friend Carol says that her kids always tell her that she attracts people who are nuts. That's why she's my best buddy.


  2. I'm deeply disturbed by the monkey. WTH?
    Ooooo look at the tiger!!!!

  3. I can't un-see that toilet bowl followed by the "Asian" food.

  4. this is very random randomness. You've topped yourself

  5. Ws wondering when the "dead bird" was going to make an appearance.