Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Random sweater weather

Sometimes you just need a little distraction, but do we really need the pressure of exercise right now? Yes, I know, endorphins, stress relief...yadda, yadda, yadda. But...

...yes, please! And just this once can you put the extra salt back on them, Ronald?

I had that little pre-holiday inner monologue today. The one where I tell myself that planning ahead will allow me to relax and not have a holly jolly freak out. Ho ho - whoah...let's ponder this for a second...
Is the idea to wear this fine garment every day leading up to, and including, the big day? Is inviting strangers to pick trinkets out of my fine cotton blend the best way to feel the joy of the season?

That's all I have this week, mainly because I can't find the words for much else...except for this one - hope.


  1. I hear creepy monkeys enjoy hanging out in ugly Advent calendar sweaters just sayin'

  2. My daughter and I were at Forever 21 last night and they had full price ugly sweaters. Are people really paying full price for these things? That is what Goodwill is for.

  3. Extra fries sounds good to me...but I'm skipping the advent calendar sweater.

  4. I'm seeing the perfect white elephant gift...

  5. Hello, hello, hello! I'm so happy to revel in your random again. Yes, extra fries. Definitely extra fries. Heap 'em on and keep 'em coming. And I hear ya about that hope. I've retreated to my make-believe world, hanging on to the hope that things will look even brighter the next go-around.

  6. I suddenly have a craving for extra fries...