Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Things just feel a little off. 

You know how much I hate listing things on eBay? There is no good reason for my issue. I do know that I could pretty much clean the entire house while I procrastinate the eBay task. When my to-do list looks particularly unsavory, I just have to add "list items", and that other stuff will get done! Last night I decided I would just cut right to the chase and get the auctions rolling. I took forty pictures, then remembered that the main computer's card reader isn't working. I loaded all of the photos onto my little laptop, that suddenly refused to go to the website. What. The. Heck? I could travel to all of my other favorite places on the world wide web, but not eBay. Yes, I could have downloaded the app and retaken all of the photos, but remember how I loathe this task to begin with?

It's Election Day. We can probably just leave that statement alone with no further discussion. I find the bake sale notion amusing-buy a pie, you'll feel better!

The other day my husband and I were sitting on the family room couch when Foz waltzed in, lifted his leg and started to pee on the bottom edge of the other end of the couch. True story, don't rush to defend him. We knew we had smelled Eau de Foz, but thought it was just a wafting remnant from a time when he had an actual accident. Last night I thought I smelled a faint aroma in the living room when I was fixing Foz's fleece blanket on his chair. (Please note: his comfort was still of concern to me.) I refused to investigate this matter any further at 10:00 p.m. (already annoyed by the eBay shenanigans). I just wandered into the living room to see if daylight made things better...um, no. Daylight enabled me to see that Foz has apparently been peeing around the bottom edge of the ottoman to his chair more than once. The smell  in the air made me curious, the slight discolor made me wonder, the smell of the fabric made me certain, and the fresh wet spot made me furious! Of course Foz being Foz had to saunter in to make sure I was spraying the right areas of upholstery. I admit to holding his nose VERY close so he could see better. What the fresh hell, Foz?

Like I said, just a little off. No big deal really. I could just look at the newspaper and relax...
Nope. I don't want to know what is in his zoomer repertoire, and ponder whether the age range is appropriate.

So apparently my theory holds that when the going gets moderately tough, somebody unleashes the creepy monkeys!!!!!


  1. The monkey's eyes will eat your soul.

    Buddy is giving Foz a virtual high five.

  2. Oh, Foz. Franklin would never do such a thing.


  3. WTH Foz? You're a big boy, and you really shouldn't vex your mama when she's having eBay issues. That monkey's purple eyes are strangely hypnotic in a bad way.

  4. Foz!!! Don't make your family bring home a zoomer to keep an eye on you!

  5. Foz! Wonder why he's doing that all of a sudden? If ebay is as big a pain to list on as etsy is, then I don't blame you for procrastinating. Actually come to think of it, I sold a ring and pair of earrings on ebay a few years ago and it was more trouble than it was worth.

  6. Wait. What? I could have sworn I commented on this! First, I think that chimp takes the cake for the creepiest ever. Second, Gracie doesn't have control of her bladder either. Of course, she's going to blame it on that surgery she had. SMH. =D