Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The random persists

I kept thinking that maybe I should pull back a little on the Tuesday random posts. Sometimes I have other things I think of talking about on Tuesday mornings, but push them to the back burner, where they ultimately fall off the side of the stove and get wedged in by the cabinets, and by the time I find them again they are all smushed and fuzzy. 

I could change things up, that is if I was the kind of person who could actually change things up.  

I also realized that there were some bits of random literally laying around on the kitchen counter, waiting for their time to shine. Not only do I get to fill my requisite blogging, but also shuffle papers off the counter and clear a little more space off my phone? Win, win, win!

Sometimes when I am not thinking about writing, I wonder how much fun it must be to make jewelry. Finding just the right stones, metals, or charms to make something incredible and unique. I long for my craftier days, and then I see these…
…where do you go with those?

I am very sorry for Dawn and she was far too young, but am relieved to know that you don't HAVE to order the ornament with her name...
 …"Any name here". I am sorry, but I have obviously hung onto this one for awhile, and it still cracks me up.

The Monkey in the Field gave me this one...
Quick! Somebody call Cinderella and tell her the prince is ready, but slightly more casual this year in his Ballroom jeans. She might want to lose the glass slippers (again). Oh wait, I see, this is not an ad for denim suitable to wear to the ball. Oh no, it is something far more incredible...
…the "crouch gusset" so the prince can protect his jewels. This catalog actually had a couple more gems, but it seems like we should just sit comfortably with this one for a bit. You say that is not only being a tease, but also does not move this catalog off my counter? Good call! Go ahead...
Yup. And if those aren't man enough for your man, or in case you haven't seen the television commercial version of this one...
…I don't see that I need to add anything here, other than $22.50 may seem like a lot for a pair of underwear, butt (see what I did there?) if that no stink think is guaranteed? Just sayin'!

This, right here?
When I sent this picture to my son, his immediate response was "100% true". This is a source of pride and madness for me.


  1. Can I get those undies for my hubby? lmao Or as I call him, 'Farty Fartington'. As to making jewelry, not sure what those things are supposed to be, but I do enjoy making jewelry. Being able to make stuff to match your clothes is a handy pet to have.

  2. Lol Love the crouch gusset! Totally makes sense :)
    Also I feel a little bad for Dawn.. who wants their life dates used in advertising??

  3. Good thing my stitches are healing, because I belly laughed!

  4. Lmao my word. Sometimes I find it hard to think that someone actually spent time creating those adds and thinking: Yep. This is perfect.

  5. Oh good grief, ballroom jeans!!! Hahahahaha!!!