Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A jumble of random

There seems to be some clutter in my head. This is not unusual, but I must tidy up a bit in order to get myself ready for the a-z challenge that starts this Friday. Since the nasal decongestant I took will only address the physical issue, let's air out the random in hope of more clearer breathing all around.

That being said, let's take a deep breath as we look at the cause for today's evacuation of the high school my daughter attends...

I doubt this is a Pintrest approved project, as the lettering is nowhere near fancy enough. This stunt caused the evacuation of over 2,000 people on a blustery thirty degree day. Due to the fact that kids could not simply be held outside until the usual procedures were followed, (yes, sadly there are usual procedures) busses had to be routed to the school to take students, well…elsewhere. Some ended up at the elementary school across the street and some went to the middle school, and I saw about ten busses that were just lined up at the far end of the parking lot as other schools in the district must have been considered out of range for the length of time they anticipated their efforts to take. It was over two hours before kids were permitted back into the building. Luckily my daughter was somewhere I could pick her up from, as opposed to the those sitting on busses. I try not to dwell on each email that comes explaining what prompted the latest evacuation, and do not envy the administrators who become responsible for the safety of our children. I appreciated the relatively organized scene I found when I went to bring my daughter home. It is a frightening thought that these threats seem to have become almost commonplace in our district. Ugh, I can't really say anymore about this right now.

Maybe a baked good would help?
Oh, but nothing of the poop extruder variety please. Maybe something lighter and fluffy? Fanciful even!
Ah, that's better! The magical transformation of heavy cream into whipped cream had me mesmerized the other day. Yes, I know it just beats air into the liquid, but I am a simple woman sometimes.

Another thing that makes me feel better? A little shopping. I admit that Kmart has never been a happy place for me, nor am I sure the EIGHTEEN flyers in our paper this week will lure me in.
May you find your blue light special today!


  1. Going to school in the 60's and 70's phoned in bomb threats were fairly common, even in our relatively small district. I don't think any was ever real, but everyone always had to go through the motions to be on the safe side. Prayers that things will calm down in your district.

  2. When I was in junior high, we had frequent bomb threats one autumn. Then someone figured out which student was absent every time we had a threat. I don't remember ever having one in high school. When I was the education reporter at a newspaper in Pennsylvania, they had frequent threats that always turned out to be hoaxes. They always caught the perpetrators. I think they were punished much more severely than in the past--fine with me. It's no joke to threaten people. Maybe you can stand on a street corner and sell those eighteen flyers. I want a cut of the profits because it was my idea.


  3. OMG it is such a scary time.
    At a hotel near us, a meth lab was discovered.
    I can't even with all of the can't evens.
    What has happened to us?
    Glad your loved ones are okay.
    Keep baking.

  4. Don't you wonder about the cost of all that printing and paper we through into the recycle bin, never reading? Sorry about the scare, but good to see that the evacuation was well organized. Everyone now has to be prepared.

  5. Holy poop! And I'm actually not talking about that chocolate croissant! But it does look like holy poop. Or maybe unholy poop. Stupid kids thinking they're so funny pulling a stunt like that. Roll up those K-mart flyers and beat that kid senseless.


  6. Yes, the schools seem to have tons of evacuations and such, but really, it's better to be safe, even if some people take advantage of that for their shenanigans.

    Those flyers were a bit much!

  7. Ugh. The new normal is sad, indeed.
    At first glance, that pastry looked like it had on boots and was ready to make a break for it! And whipped cream? Mmmmmmmmmmm