Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This is random day, right?

Did you ever have a certain thing that you did on a certain day every week? Then maybe you suddenly stopped doing that thing and felt the structure of your week slowly unraveling? So this is Tuesday, correct? I started my morning a little different minus my usual gig at Meals on Wheels. I did not dwell on whether I missed it today, as I did not stop to consider what day it was. I forgot to make tacos for dinner and I don't think I even ate any m&m's (ok, that is not a Tuesday specific thing).

Well, I don't really have much prepared in the way of the random. Sometimes I get busy decorating for holidays and oh, you know, cutting coupons. Wait, the pink and red heart decor was what I was supposed to be flinging about, right? That's what I thought as I was clipping big savings offers on Valentine candy and then…
…Apparently dracula cats are always in season. Count Cat-ula? Come on my crazy cat ladies, admit that this really doesn't even appeal to you! (please)


  1. Who comes up with this stuff?? Lol. And who buys them??

  2. I'm not a crazy cat lady. I'm a crazy dog lady. Whatever the case, Count Cat-ula does not appeal to me.


  3. Is that a real card? Did you buy it? lol

  4. Not a cat lover, but I tend to think of cats as being a bit devious.

  5. I am pretty freaking OCD, I hate deviation in my routine. I have to run now because it is time for my Wednesday Night Control Freak Group session.

  6. I really dislike cats....so creepy....almost as bad as puppymonkeybaby