Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back to the creepy random

If you were a fan of my trail mix, I think you might really enjoy the fruit bowl!

We went to see a play this past Saturday. I admit to being slightly dismayed by the thought that my son was going downhill skiing for the first time during the performance. Oh, how I hoped I didn't get an injury phone call! The play was entertaining and distracting enough for me to turn off that small part of my brain. The play ended at 5:35, then...
That first message needed to say "I AM OKAY" because I could not get to the end of that sentence fast enough and without nearly barfing! I mean I knew he was conscious, and I did realize that he probably was not going to go for a lesson with broken limbs, but still, you get it, right?

Ah, motherhood! The beauty of a woman with child...
 …so, uh, um…"artfully" depicted in this work outside our OB/GYN's office. Yikes!

And now the moment we did not even know we were waiting for…because seriously, who can believe there are more?
A banana peel bunting? For two poseable creepy monkeys that are fine collectibles and not at all toys? Frankie and Fiona, you have got it made! Wake up, Frankie! Are your eyelids poseable?

Always hard to follow the creepy monkeys, so I guess this is the end of this post. We have reached the bottom line...
Um, this billboard is just trying too hard! Plus, it is next to a highway, so the first time I passed was a very distorted "wait, what the?" The "behind" with the ape behind, plus the "bottom"…creepiness all around! I think "Get rid of that pain in your ass" might've been a more subtle and acceptable approach.


  1. These kids today don't know how to compose a text that won't make their parents worry. I'm glad he's OK! Those monkeys are beyond creepy. Who buys that stuff???? Ew!

  2. Yes you delivered. That girl monkey is CREEPY. Gawd, her bug eyes will give me nightmares.

  3. That is quite a sign, for sure....it did capture your attention. You are right, always a Mom.

  4. gees, thanks for the heart attack, kid!!!!

  5. Two-fer creepy monkeys? A new high!!