Friday, October 16, 2015

Pet Peeved

What. The. Hell. 

I realize I get what I pay for, but this lack of posting nonsense is unacceptable. It was bad enough I had to share space with her random what-not. The clutter!

Wait, what's this? More to the point, who is this?
And he brought me a fancy college bandana? I know I look distracted (and handsome), but I have not forgotten that it is clearly time to start looking for a new scribe. 
This isn't the last you'll hear about OH MY GOSH MY BOY IS HOME!!!! Go Tigers!


  1. What a cute post!!! Both of your guys are looking great! So very nice hearing from you! ;P
    Thanks for keeping us updated, FOZ!!!

  2. YAY!!! Nothing sweeter than a dog and his boy. That bandana looks great on you, Foz!

  3. Nice bandana Foz but I'm looking forward to seeing your Halloween outfit :)

  4. Heh! What a handsome fella! Oh, and Foz, you're adorable, as usual!