Friday, October 30, 2015

The Dark Side

Really, we can't get our design people to come up with something a bit more seasonal? Oh wait, it's Halloween season, isn't it? I guess we can file this one under "Be careful what you wish for…in the event that the humans read your mind…especially if they are not particularly good mind readers". I know, that seems like kind of a long title for anything.

I am sure that my body language gives off an "I am a proud pup" kind of vibe. However, it is because I am, in fact, a pup! I shih-tzu you not that a proud peacock is not at all what I was suggesting.
 Do I look amused?
 Or do I look angry? Like Lord Vader angry?
What? You can't take me seriously because my dark helmet is a poor fit? Well, what if I brought in some back up troops, or troopers?
I have a sneaking suspicion that they were mocking me under those helmets. Unacceptable! I find their lack of help disturbing. 

I was relieved to see those costumes get put back in the bag to be returned. Phew, but why did a new bag come back into the house?
Where the hell is Obi-Wan? He is clearly my only hope!
Go ahead, caption it up! Don't forget to mention the demented princess too though!
What a relief, another Halloween has passed with minimal humiliation. WHAT?!?! Halloween isn't until tomorrow?


  1. hahaha Aw Foz looks so cute in all the costumes! I liked the peacock best!

  2. I love dogs that dress up.
    Or I should say, people who dress dogs up.

  3. That might be the cutest R2D2 costume I've ever seen. Adorable!

  4. So funny. I heard today that people spend some crazy amount of money for costumes for their pets.

  5. O. M. G......Foz you at so cute! Finlay is typecast as the villainous fiend that he is....he'll be Gru, and are already his minions.

    Happy Halloween!

  6. LOL Oh Foz, I am sure you got lots of treats because you looked adorable. If it helps, Abby absolutely refused her devil costume.