Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Creeping back to the random

So I was a bit stuck in the muck, a dud in the mud if you will, lost in the sauce, a twit in the...okay, I think we all get the point. Wherever I could be found figuratively, blogging literally was not where I was. Autumn arrived and I just wasn't feeling it. My birthday was coming, and something was missing. It could've been the dark chocolate m&m's I put in my peanut m&m jar. (No offense, Green!)
Maybe it was some other force in the universe that was messing with me. I kept hoping for a sign, something to tell me whether or not I should just close up shop on the blog, or an indication that the side of forty-five closer to fifty was not to be feared. I waited. The weekend came and I ate cupcakes and pounded mega peanut m&m's (with more chocolate and bigger peanuts per piece).

I started to feel a little bit inspired. There were some pictures kicking around that I had been taking of random this and that, but none of them quite spoke to me. There were coupons to be cut, as I lounged on the couch Sunday morning. Crap I don't need, brands I don't use....WAIT! What is this? Who is she? Be still my autumn cooled heart! Daisy...oh Darling Daisy, certainly you are the sign I have been waiting for...
…the creepy monkey I have been longing for. I must say that you arrived a little late this year, or maybe I just shirked my scissor-wielding duties? It doesn't matter though because you are here now, and possibly more beautifully creepy than the other RealTouch vinyls who have come before.* "Look closely to admire the soft tufts of hand-applied hair and eyelashes"...oh, I am! In fact, I cannot tear myself away from those eyes, those eyes are staring directly into my soul!

Sure, I tried to redirect myself in order to appropriately Hail Cleo-Cat-Tra...
...but her shiny gold accents held no power. I gave a cursory glance at St. Nicholmouse...
...but it was my daughter who had to steer me back to point out his creepy toothed grin. Still, we both knew it was Daisy who had all of the magic.

Thanks for coming back to visit! Hopefully, this is the jumpstart I needed to get back and go with the flow...
...OH MY GOSH KOTEX! You totally ruined that phrase for me!

*I took a quick peek for some of the past creepy monkey posts, but alas, they were hiding. I fear if I wait any longer, this won't get posted. I think most of you have been hanging around here long enough to remember the likes of the TuTu Cute, Eloise and Bouncing Balika. For anyone else, I will make it up to you eventually.


  1. Darling Daisy is going to give me nightmares. I'm in a bloggy rut. Come visit. We'll drink our way to inspiration.

  2. Ew ew ew creepy monkey doll ew ew ew

  3. Hahaha, Daisy is quite something. Not sure she would win creepiest but she is.........something...... On another note, who the heck is doing Kotex/tampax marketing these days?? That crap is way more creepy than a monkey!

  4. Thank you for making me laugh so hard this morning!!!

  5. Daisy is a scary freak. Why???? I just don't get it.....and to think that people actually buy that stuff and their vote counts just as much as yours and mine....
    Happy you're back to blogging!!!