Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Unsettling random

Here is the first bit of moderately alarming news for us to discuss...
 …no, wait, sorry. I was not referring to the fact that I let my kids out of the house in such wrinkled clothing. It was more about the fact that graduation is getting even closer, now less than two weeks away!

I also now feel very conflicted, after our recent revelation that we should be going commando!
So which is it? No undies, or desperately seeking that "undie feeling"? And why is she doing that with her face? Come on advertisers, I have enough other things to worry about. Sheesh! For example, reading about the Homer and Marge legally separating next season on The Simpsons wasn't enough? Now my salad risks being doomed to a bowlful of unhappiness?
I spent more time concerned over what they put in the Italian dressing next to that one that seemingly planned to stay together. What is the recipe for that happiness, and what chemicals does it involve?

Luckily there was a new treat suggestion on the back of the Triscuit box to help me cope. Now mind you, they are limited edition Triscuits, so good luck finding them anymore here in Central New York, as we have been out buying them all looking. Maybe I shouldn't tell you exactly what they are, to help keep my competition down. In fact, best you not get yourself started, as they could be the gateway snack cracker, leading you to a life of sketchy Nabisco dealers, and back alley grocers.
So that is a secret shredded wheat cracker, chocolate, and then a half a marshmallow put under the broiler for a bit, then adorned with some almonds on top. I'm sorry, s'more who? I have a new love now. My friend Mary (of knee scooter fame) made the ones on the right with one square more chocolate than I used. She felt they photographed better, but also felt her proportions were spot on.  I have two unopened boxes here, as well as the other necessary ingredients, but am trying to pace myself. Damn them and their limited seasonal editions! 

Stacy Uncorked


  1. If you think the commando commercials are bad, have you seen those new toilet bowl commercials? 'Nobody likes splatter', and there was another equally horrifying one. I can really live w/o this nonstop crassness in commercials and TV shows. And I didn't even notice the wrinkles, but then again I only own an iron for craft purposes anyway! Those smores look good...too bad I'm deathly allergic to almonds. :(

  2. More chocolate is always better. I can't eat nuts, so when you mail mine please leave off the nuts.


  3. going commando... not during the season of summer dresses!! LOL
    and the winter is too cold up here.. you really do need that extra layer on your butt. ha
    I have to try that S'more Level Up dessert!! wow. that looks dangerously good.

  4. Adding the chocolate really can't hurt anything! How interesting, and one does wonder about the separation in the Italian dressing?

  5. I pose like that all the time. Without undies.

  6. COMMANDO!!!
    And chocolate always helps.
    Thinking of you.

  7. I'm visiting from Stacy Uncorked a bit late this week, but it's nice meeting you. No one likes to see panty-lines and it's okay to go commando, especially if you wear slacks. No one is the wiser other than you. However, no undies with a short skirt or dress might cause a stir when sitting or rising unless you're very creative. Unfortunately, we have celebrity's experiences to learn by ways to not do it. Of course, we don't have to worry so much about someone hiding in the bushes or a street corner just waiting for an embarrassing moment to snap a picture of us, right? lol Have a good day and if you get a chance I hope you'll stop by to read...10 get-to-know Cathy facts #A2ZRoadTrip #music.

  8. The commando woman scares me a little......

  9. You can tell me about the special Triscuits, since I live in Colorado. ;)

  10. Good grief. What IS with that face? If that's the face one makes when wearing undies, I guess I'd rather go commando.