Tuesday, June 9, 2015

One piece of random...

And I can barely spare this square! There I was last week, boasting about my free underwear. Little did I know, that if I just bought better toilet paper, I wouldn't need underwear anymore...at all?
I had no idea that the underwear industry was founded for people who were just too clumsy or lazy to adequately clean their backsides. I have been wasting so much valuable time if I was  just going to throw on some undies anyway!

"Cleanripple texture" to get us clean? Is that like sandpaper just blasting any "debris"? And is that really ALL the confidence I need to go commando? What kind of shoddy shape have people been leaving themselves in and what are their underwear made of to ward off any ill effects of ineffectiveness? Bring on the white pants and we'll see who's who and what's what.

Thanks to the Monkey in the Field (who is often by the lake) for finding this gem, despite the fact that it conjures images that may keep me awake at night...pondering my options.

Stacy Uncorked


  1. Yeah this commercial is just a bit much. Almost as bad as those SAM commercials for human pee pads.

  2. Right?
    Guess I can start throwing out my underwear!
    Think of all the money I will save!

  3. Oh God, I actually feel quite traumatized.

  4. HA! Oh goodness, who thought this up?! And dare I imagine what their underwear looked like before Clean Ripple? *shudder*

    I read an article recently about an underwear in development made with a special fabric that can absorb as much blood as two pads without leaking. If that ever takes off, what will the recycled pad people do with themselves?

  5. I just can't find the words.....
    Mayhap they were cast-off with everyone's unmentionables, who knows?

  6. I could never go commando. Because the last time I went commando I was in a car accident and I had to go to the ER, and when my mother picked me up to bring me home, she specifically wanted to know what happened to my underpants. Years of therapy later...

  7. Bwa haa haaa!! Too classic. Love it, Andrea!!