Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Random ReCap and Gown

I showered and got dressed, in a dress no less. My pasty white chicken legs blended in, or may have even paled, against my new white shoes. My hair was fine. This was the big time, and I was confident that I had done well enough for the supporting role I was to be featured in. I stared down the mascara tube and decided "I've got this" and waved that dark brown across my dry lashes.

I had been walking past various parts of his gradation get-up for a couple of weeks…slowly desensitizing myself. A cap here, a cord there, the gown hanging in their bathroom in hopes of the shower steam taking care of the wrinkles. "Photos! We must make a first attempt at photos!" The glance into the camera's viewfinder was the first time I paused to truly take him in…

…in all of his goofy and sun-glared glory. Yes, this was a very special day, but this was still my boy. Take that mascara, as I still had this.

We survived the car ride downtown, got a parking spot, finally found some seats that were relatively acceptable, endured a forty-five minute wait for the main event and then…an announcement of the ceremony being moments away and something about bagpipes. Oh, there is something about bagpipes. Before I could finish texting one of my lifelines, the overhead lights were turned off and a spotlight shone on an amazing woman, who collectively spent six years teaching orchestra to my kids in middle school, all decked out, marching in, playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. I heard the mascara whispering its doubts, but I blinked them away. (Seriously though, bagpipes?) 

Over 600 caps and gowns filed in to take their seats. Do you see him?
And so it went. Less than two dry-eyed (okay, that is a lie as I did have watery eyes when they switched their tassels and whatever was said after that, but no drops fell) hours later we were outside waiting for our graduate. He came towards us looking me straight in the eye, and I knew from recent past experience that if I cried, he would as well. So I smiled, grabbed him and hugged for as long as I thought I could get away with before passing him off to his father. I certainly would have cried watching him hug his sister, but was spared...
Honestly, these two. The graduates were given roses after they walked across the stage and were told at the end of the ceremony to give them to the person who inspired them the most, and other nice things along those lines. After  announcing that he was going to throw his rose on the ground and let us all fight for it, he handed the flower to his sister.
Are you bored yet? Not much longer, and then it will be three years before we do this again. Oh, but there will be that thing in August…never mind! So proud, so happy…yes, happy!

Did you notice the fountain in the background there? Maybe the first mother whose son ran through didn't have time to tell her son to take his shoes off. Maybe she didn't see it coming. This mom did though, and held his shoes.


Andrea - 1
Mascara - 0

Stacy Uncorked


  1. Congratulations!!!! Glad you managed to hold it all together! So he's off to college in the fall? Is that the 'thing in August'? 600 kids though...that must've been a long ceremony!

  2. Well then. I have something in my eye. Excuse me while I go tend to that. ;) Holy moly, woman! Here I'm lamenting the passage of time in fast-forward mode and Princess Nagger starting Jr. High next year, and you're over here making me cry with all the awesome sentiments of your son graduating High School. I take it you haven't found that pause button yet, either? :) LOVE that he gave his rose to his sister. And I love all the awesome shots you got to commemorate the memory - and you, as usual, look fab! :)

  3. Congratulations. I'm proud of both you. No tears is an impressive feat as your baby boy takes a big step forward into the real world. But seriously....no tears when he gave the rose to his sister?? I welled up a little

  4. Hey...he'll be what? Three hours from home? It'll be fine, mom. And you can always keep in mind that there is stuff called "vodka" for when it all becomes too. Much.

  5. Congratulations Mom, Dad and son!

    There is always chocolate and booze when it gets too real.
    And there is always blogging.
    Or the fetal position and Doritos in the closet....WHAT???
    Sending big hugs!!!

  6. Awwwwwww, congratulations! Congratulations! That is awesome and spectacular and momentous! Your son looks handsome in his cap and gown, and you look so radiant! Love your dress, btw. :) I think I would have cried. Big plops of tears. Sigh. Yes, yes, don't think of August yet. Enjoy your new grad. Big giant hugs to you! xoxo

  7. Congratulations to your graduate! I know y'all are so proud. These photos are great! So sweet he gave the rose to little sister. LOVE that!

  8. AWWW!!!! Congratulations! Although I am bitterly jealous of the running through the fountain part... ;)

  9. I'm a little late with my congratulations, but CONGRATULATIONS! To both of you....especially you for beating that mascara! :) I don't know what the deal is with bagpipes, but we had them too!