Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Random food for thought

The original Rice Krispy treat recipe calls for three ingredients. I am a purist and that is pretty much the only way I can truly enjoy them. I do not know what my husband was thinking, not only bringing these generic "crispy rice bars" into the house, but then placing them to lay with my pure treats? Unacceptable!
Good thing they were at least wearing protective plastic.

Sometimes a person doesn't even realize how distracted she is until she walks by the dinner table a couple times.
No tartare for us, and if I ever do try it, I think I might go with a slightly different presentation.

There can just be something slightly offensive about raw meat, I guess.
We had no idea that getting chicken ready for 158 people was so exciting...
 ...especially to the chicken.

I cannot believe this has happened to me again...
...And I thought it was bad last time when I noticed the intruder as soon as I got home from the store. This time when we had eaten half of the loaf! This just raises a few too many questions for me, and all of them are gross! I have had this sitting on my counter for a week. When my daughter asked why it was still there, as of course I keep reminding people not to eat it, I had no good answer. I guess I thought maybe I'd return it...or name it!

In other things that make me pout...
Apparently one of my SEVERAL (ahem, ahem) sticks of Burt's Bees (Peony, no less) suffered a heat stroke in the car. Please note that I just smoothed it out and considered my makeup applied.

We kicked off the first official day of summer by getting a new badminton set. (We are just that wild and crazy sometimes.) The line judge was not included with the set.
This is actually one of the safer spots he decided to plant himself.



  1. Those store bought rice krispy treats are pretty gross. Love the homemade ones! A bug in the bread?!?!?!? EW EW EW EW EW!!!!!!!! Same brand? Have you complained to the bread company?

    1. Yes to the bug,and no, different store and brand altogether this time!

  2. I just made Rice Krispie treats last week and they taste less like chemicals than the packaged ones.
    I don't eat raw meat. On purpose. Ever.
    What was that in the bread?
    Do I want to know?
    That dog, I want that dog.
    Can Flat Kari sleep with the dog??

  3. Bugs show up in the oddest places! I am glad you're sticking to your guns on the rice crispy treats--deliciousness should not be compromised.

  4. Hi Andrea .. only really like home made foods .. and especially biscuits and cakes .. then your gross - yugh! I love steak tartare .. but I'd make that too ..

    The badminton set sounds family fun .. and well deserving for some rice crispie (as we spell it!) treats ... cheers Hilary

  5. Ha! Your sense of humor cracks me up. Feel ya on the Rice Krispie Treats! The store bought ones are out of the question... and as far as adding anything? I've tried it... adding M&Ms, choc chips, even pudding mix (saw that on someone's blog). No! The tradition RKT is the ONLY way to go!

    Your line judge needs a haircut :-)

  6. Nice. Now you've got me craving rice crispie treats. Not cool. Very not cool. (Badminton nothing. I'm going to play tennis. ;)

  7. Now I want rice crispy treats too! We have a badminton set too out back and the kids and I love to play!!

  8. Rice Krispy treats should not be encased in plastic. We used to have a badminton set. When the late great Faulkner the smooth collie joined our family, he loved catching the birdie. We laughed and had such fun. Those days are gone.


  9. Just WHAT is going on with that chicken?
    Ugh to the bug.
    Hehehehe, RIP Peony Burt's Bees. You made it work, though. :)
    Happy Summer! Yay!