Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A glorious random return!

I should save this bit of random for the end of the post, but I just can't! I almost made an extra appearance on Sunday afternoon, so waiting just a minute more is not an option...Look at what was in the coupon section...LOOK I SAY!!!!!!
How can you be done looking already? Are you sure you took in all of the true glory this creepy adorable monkey has to offer? Do not short change Bouncing Balika! She. Is. A. Handful...literally! Look at the surprise on her face, as she cannot believe she is only $50 either! By the way, good luck trying to contain yourself while we wait for "Jumping Jeko".

It was ninety degrees here yesterday, and in case you don't recall how much I love the heat, I don't...at all! I considered a s'more for snack last night, but the kids told me it was too hot. It was nice of them to be concerned for me, so I decided to just heat up these fixin's and then put ice cream on top.
Before you run to the cupboard, I will admit that the heated marshmallow was a little iffy once assaulted by the freeze of the ice cream. This concludes my cooking lesson for this post.

Let's move on to crafts. I used to love going to the fabric store with my mom when I was a kid, and not just because of the promise of her making us matching outfits. (Stay tuned on that thought.) The workers were so nice, and I loved watching how they measured fabric - always making sure they didn't short the yardage by giving a bit extra in their thumb movements. Here is how things have changed...
Yesterday I bought the rest of the material left on a bolt, and apparently it measured three yards plus one inch, and I was charged for that extra inch. That was almost more insulting than the fact that $1.99 calicos are up to $7.99!

I was very disappointed that during our trip to the music store (you know, where we procured our snark) that nobody came in looking for a kazoo.
"Hmmm...these violins and violas are a bit pricey. I think the ninety-nine cent kazoo suits my talents just fine."

Let's see, what else in going on here at the aviary house! These birds are a bit camera-shy, but I fully intend to get photos...
...as soon as I get my husband and my camera up there!

Did you all just gloss over the rest of this post because Bouncing Balika distracted you? Are you even still reading? Well if you made it all the way down here, the least I can do is reward you with a flash back to Little Lu Lu...
 ...you're welcome!

 Stacy is bustling with random over at her place too!


  1. They usually give you the extra fabric or ask you if you wanted it discounted. GOOD GRIEF. I'm sorry. Who WOULDN'T want a baby monkey that fits in your hand?

  2. Clearly I'm in a minority when it comes to liking monkeys or apes. *shudder* I agree with you the cost of craft supplies though....they are crazy expensive.

  3. That monkey is gonna give me nightmares.

  4. They charged you for the extra inch?? I hope a herd of tiny creepy bouncing monkeys descend upon those cheapskates!

  5. Poor Bouncing Balika, Her hair looks like she just stuck her finger in a plug socket. Once again, do people actually buy this stuff?

  6. That ape is the stuff of nightmares.

  7. Jumping Jeko sounds like something Mr. Magoo would use as an exclamation. "Jumping Jeko, I think there's something amiss here, my dear." I have a pricey kazoo that I bring with me to parties, just in case some pretentious dork breaks out an acoustic guitar. Then I can offer accompaniment.

  8. Oh come on. I have 2 Bouncing Balikas. But they ate my Little Lulu so now they must die. After I sic them on Hobby Lobby, that is.


  9. I don't like shopping at Hobby Lobby for that very reason. How could we forget Lulu? She is so precious!

    I have been dreaming of molasses cookies...

  10. Well, I reckon I'll not forget that image of Balika, so I'll just have to wash my eyes out with bleach. Aw, who needs sleep, anyway?

    Meanwhile, I saw a nest in the curve of the letter "S" on a CVS store - adorable. :-)

  11. Just like Baby Alive. Only hairier!

  12. Bouncing Balika.....the stuff of nightmares. WTH????

  13. So....... the frightening realization is that there is a big enough market out there for them to be making more of these??? Good grief!

  14. Sheldon played the cello. After spending money on the 5th upgrade, she gave it up promptly after high school. I made her take it with her when she moved out.