Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Just keep randoming...

Crazy week here as we wind down the school year and get ready for final exams next week. I kind of made that sound like I was doing some studying, or at the very least somebody was. I think their vacations have already started; and, between the son's AP exams and the daughter's common core nonsense I can see why they have assumed the summer position. Basically, my work is to make sure the teachers receive some homemade chocolate chip cookies. I am not saying that such a token is commensurate to the gratitude we would like to show them, but people like cookies so we are going with that. Plus, bottles of booze in the teenagers' backpacks seems like a bad idea. 

My first thought was to complain that my husband is away this week and missing out on all of the merriment, but then I remembered what he would actually contribute to the situation...another mouth to feed and more dirty laundry in my line of sight. I will get through the extra chauffeuring duties taking me out of the house at 7:00 a.m. so that four other people's houses can get cleaned while my own cries out from neglect. (I ran the dishwasher in an attempt to show some love.) Yes, instead of bemoaning the husband's absence, I have opted for a very unstylish hairdo that is working with the humidity, nothing fancy for dinners and showers for me being optional. Yes, I have sent sexy so far away it may never return.

Maybe this will help?

I could have bought myself this item, and played it to my heart's content every evening...
...I hit enough keys at the store to embarrass a teenage boy...go figure! I didn't even get to the vomit sounds.

I could go to a friend's house and eat whatever candy I found...
...hmmm, maybe not.

This candy was no more appealing quite honestly...
..."all natural", eh? Do the words "cream cheese flavored white chocolate" sound natural to you? Wait, does "red velvet" even sound natural based on the amount of food coloring it takes to achieve? 

Gotta go do something...probably ought to start with a list...I hope I can remember what to put on it...

p.s. While brewing up Taco Tuesday, and catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I feel that I must admit that this week really isn't much different than any other week in terms of both meal options and appearance. There, I feel better now. (Or do I feel worse?)


  1. Bwa haa haa haaa! So much zany fun. I like the do in your thumbnail pic. above. Is it new? I loved "They assumed the summer position!"

    I actually got from a mom as the end of the school year gift this year in a frilly gift bag- a chocolate orange, an inspirational mom book and an Arbor Mist strawberry daquiri mix, complete with alcohol. Just pop it in the freezer for 5 hours an it's ready. It cracked me up. And I teach at a nursery school in a church. Her three year old daughter hand delivered it.

    Good times!

  2. LOL I enjoyed this post. Hang in there...you'll be able to enjoy the summer soon!

  3. Since Willy Dunne Wooters only appears on weekends, I sometimes make it from Monday to Saturday without a shower. I don't care how nastay I am, and the dogs think I'm wonderful.


  4. First, love the new pic. Fabulous. Next . . . Nutffles? Um, yeah, that doesn't sound tasty AT ALL. Sounds like a disease that only men can get in their pantsal area.

  5. Taco Tuesday!!!! Sexy is overrated, especially before ten in the morning. And ten at night. Or at any time between those two.

    Cookies, did you say? I've been dreaming about them lately--I don't know why...maybe I should go buy some.

  6. Sexy is over rated!! I bet the kids are ready for summer! Our school district added an hour to everyday so that the kids only had to go until June 4th. Never so glad to see a school year end. Thank God for summer!!

  7. I think I need to get that piano! FUN!

  8. It always surprises me how schools around the world haven't gotten together and decided on one definitive school year. Schools here have been done for a month.
    If that piano doesn't bring sexy back, then I don't know sexy. I really don't know sexy. I haven't seen my naughty bits for a decade.

  9. I need that Fart Piano in my life.
    And Nuttfles sounds like something no man alive would ever want to eat.
    And yet, sounds so yummy.

  10. OMG......I must needs a fart piano! AND some chocolate chip cookies!!! ;P Common Core is a load of crock. It will be interesting to see how these poor teachers handle IEP's and Common Core....Federal Law v. Federal Mandates.

    I'm homeschooling Shelley for her last two years in HS. I just can't take any more nonsense. Nope!

  11. Oh lordy! I better not let the hubby or Princess Nagger see that fart piano - they'll want to get one just to annoy everyone around them! And by everyone, I mean *me*. ;)

    Those Nuttfles sound...not so great. :)