Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Random Resolutions?

Seriously? There is more to be done? I thought it was time to relax and put my feet up for a moment before reveling in the fact that another joyous holiday season had gone by. Well, first I agonized over when to take the tree down, as well as undecking the rest of the halls, thereby calling the success officially complete. After hitting a minor roadblock, more like a pothole, I came to collect my thoughts here at the computer, and that is when I saw the first reminders...resolutions are coming!

After months of underachieving, and finally being satisfied with such, it is time to muster up the energy to try harder? I actually walked by the mirror the other day and thought "Hey, I don't look terrible." Well that will not be good enough come tomorrow. I will feel the pressure of the exercise and Weight Watcher point chatter. I will feel guilty asking people to partake in the candy overload we are currently experiencing. I will have to be a better person?

I already had a crisis over how to proceed with my day today. After kind of dealing with what we unpacked from the van last night...
...and going to the grocery store this morning, I tried to decide if I should go for a walk and then blog or vice versa. I knew if I walked I would think of ideas of what to say, but also knew I would forget half of them by the time I removed my coat. I also thought maybe I should save the jump back into walking for tomorrow to give the illusion that I was trying something new and improved.

I also considered just taking a few minutes to let all of the random thoughts into my head, in order to give me the opportunity to write them all out. I thought maybe that would be some sort of stress liberating activity. I nearly had a panic attack. I would have to discuss other random topics.

I have a vague recollection of last week, when I decided I would not seek out any post holiday deals, since I am still storing some fabulous bargains from five years ago. I was focused on the two colors of embroidery floss my daughter needed and the yarn my step-mother needed when we walked into the store yesterday. My willpower was gone before the automatic doors had even closed behind me, as I grabbed five rolls of Mary Engelbreit wrapping paper at $1.19 each. I did not even try to pretend that this was some sort of exception to my loosely and ill-defined rules.
Organization! That was surely what I needed.What if I took the time to put everything away in proper locations? How about if I started with my giftwrapping bin, long before I was out of energy and just started throwing things around like crazy? I was making decent progress, until the moment when I realized my awesome new wrapping paper did not fit.
(previously mentioned "pothole")
This was the level of fascinating news story that I had to run up from the basement to share with you. This was the straw that broke the random thought's back. This should probably be some indication to me that there may be room for improvement after all.

There are cocktail weenies and crescent rolls in my refrigerator, so another celebration must be upon us! Have a fun and safe New Year's Eve, and remember that I like you just the way you are...resolutions or not...and truly appreciate you stopping by this often cluttered place!

Stacy is taking a well-deserved break from her hosting duties this week, but I forgot to link to her Season's Greetings last week.


  1. Happy happy New Year to you!!

  2. Looks like you need to take advantage of the after Xmas bin sales! Or, just do what I do . . . take the long rolls and store them at a diagonal. Give it a try.

  3. LOL!! Isn't that always how it works? The wrapping paper doesn't fit, and the random just keeps on rolling!

    Happy New Year, my friend! May 2014 bring you and your family more joy than can be contained!

  4. Happy New Year to you from all of us!!

  5. Happy New Year!!! I look forward to lots of fun random in 2014…and eighties one hit wonders! ;P

    I need to organize this house. That's my number one goal for 2014!


  6. There were WEENIES?? Sh*t. I miss all the good parties. And I've never bought a storage bin that has worked out properly.