Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Random leftovers

Hold on, it's Tuesday? Again? Already? December? That explains the hustle and bustle in my grandmother's village.

There is a rumor going around that this is the finest the scene has looked. It might be because I strayed from the "you can make it look different, but here are some photos showing how I like it set up" approach. There is another rumor going around that we have lowered our standards.

Excuse me? Did somebody say something about a seventeen-pound bird? I was much more interested in this seven-pound baby chick!

The leftovers have never been so orderly. I almost missed the scramble to find stuff.

Unfortunately there was no Nike ad being filmed at Grand Central Station on Black Friday, because my father, brother, kids and I were ready!

The shops at Bryant Park were so cool, but this was just creepy!

I have so many other things to tell you, but no pictures, and so many pictures that need words. Some of the photos are trying to convince me that they deserve their own posts. I know, we've been here before. This is the part where I say I will get my act together. The artichoke will get to tell its tale! For now I will just tell you it was delicious, and a shout out to my aunts!

I kind of feel like I phoned in this random post, as I shuffled past the computer on my way to bed. Really? You were thinking the same thing? I shall arm myself with charged camera batteries and a cell phone with out the "memory full" message blinking. I can do better! I will do better!

Thanks for hosting the Random, Stacy!


  1. Phone your posts in whenever you want - still hilarious! And can you please come and set up my village this year? Just not in the mood. You can do it however you like!

  2. Love the Christmas village--don't change a thing. And I love the picture of the little hand--that is downright adorable!

  3. That village is majestic. And yes, you need to hire out your services for Dept. 56 set up for everyone! Think of all the money you can make being the blogosphere's personal village coordinator for those of us who do not want to deal with it (I'm thinking that's ALL of us!).

  4. Wow! That is quite a Christmas village. And I hope you are serious about the artichoke getting it's day in the spotlight!

  5. Is it weird that I want to love in that village?!?