Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rambling random

Shhhhhhh...are we alone? I feel like there might be a fungus amongus.

You create a distraction while I see what is in this week's photo file. We have to move quickly before I start to believe that fruit flies deserve their own post. 
I realized that my homemade trap was actually becoming a breeding program for captive insects. They were thriving! I had to resort to a seemingly less humane approach, but considering what I remember about the life span of a fruit fly, I really hadn't cut their time short here by much. Plus, bubbles seem like a kind send off.

And what welcomed those little lovelies into our home? The grapes we picked! So are you jelly?

Of my grape jelly? (Fly-free no less)

Let's get out of my kitchen, shall we? When I saw the scab on my leg, I wondered if it was a sign that I should finally read the Harry Potter books.
Then I realized it was probably more of a sign that I am a klutz.

Now I love Peanuts, and I loves me some Hallmark ornaments, but seriously?
As if PigPen doesn't have enough trouble, now he is being depicted with poopy worm hair?

Are you on the edge of your seat waiting for this one?
What the heck will that even smell like?

I am starting to have some concerns about my upcoming birthday. For the past two years, October has found creepy monkey love in my coupon section. I haven't gotten any of these simians delivered to my door (thank goodness), but at least the thought was there. But this year? This year I have seen no signs of realistic baby monkeys that can grasp a finger. Instead...
"Paws-itively Sweet"? No, just no. With "Sweet Purr-sonalitea" to follow? Salt and pepper shakers designed after other kitchen staples. At least they are food safe. However, I realized today that my husband and I will be celebrating our porcelain anniversary this year and that these are...porcelain. Must hide coupon sections from the great coupon caper!

Another option is the first doll in the "You make me happy" collection. I can assure you, it would not!

Maybe this week's newspaper will return us to our usual state of glory!

As my grandmother and I sat contemplating the weeds growing up between her patio bricks, well, okay only one of us was actually concerned. The other one of us was thrilled to find a little bit of love in the shadow!

Stacy's got the random rocking over at her place too!


  1. Stupid fruit flies! I hate those little buggers. Currently infested (again!) myself, so I feel your pain. Grrrr.

  2. Fruit flies are worse than creepy monkeys! Nice Harry Potter scar. Are you the "Mom who lived"?

  3. Fruit flies don't deserve their own post, but I think grape jelly might!

  4. Poppy worm hair is not gonna cut it when Pig Pen gets old enough for dating!

    If you add a little dish soap to the water when you are watering your plants, it will keep the tiny fly population down, according to my mother. Of course, she doesn't cook, so I am not sure about that.

    Did you say birthday?

  5. Do people actually order stuff from newspapers? I think they're all money laundering schemes....
    Fruit flies are the worst...we had some over the summer and finally got rid of them with apple cider vinegar, a funnel, and a tall cup.
    Grape jelly is my favorite!!!!! YUM!
    Read the Harry Potter books! I'm decorating our dining room in a Severus Snape theme for Halloween this year. ;P


  6. Flies, ants, and mosquitoes are the bane of my existence. Luckily, we only mostly have them in the summer and that's almost over now. Great looking jelly! (And what the heck is "dragon fruit scent"?) Have a good weekend! :-)

  7. Must be a scary thing to see your fly trap in fact breeds flies.

    Mmm... Imagine if the Thai Dragon Fruit scent attracts fruit flies.

  8. Hey! I remember you TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for causing a coughing fit over "poopy worm hair." I can't laugh when I'm this bronchial.