Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last random as a 43 year old

Sure, I am hoping to have a happy birthday tomorrow, but am slightly disappointed that I did not realize sooner that it could have been...
...BRA-TASTIC!!! (And such a bargain as well.)

Granted, my son did present me with the following ad for the Purr-fect cup of sweetness. 
I think he knows that this year's drought of creepy monkeys has left me feeling a little sad, and I was touched by his attempt to cheer me up. It does say that I won't be able to take my eyes off her, and that this artist "is known for her paintings of bright-eyed cats in precarious situations". It is a free preview that looks to only cost $29.99.

Let's keep shopping...I have walked past many an upright Elmo doll display without even batting an eyelash, but something about this one turned on its side? Wrong, so very wrong.

Speaking of wrong, when I stopped by a friend's house for a quick sandwich last week, it didn't seem right to put the dark chocolate peanut butter spread on bread and call it a sandwich. However, once I added some regular peanut butter and Fluff, I am sure it scored far more nutritional points. (Please note: whole grain bread.)
Oh my yum!

I have some other random thoughts cruising around this graying head of mine. Maybe they are the mere musings of a silly 43 year old, and I should wait until tomorrow to see if a much more mature mind finds them as fascinating. 

For now, I will just say that I know there are people who doubt the viability of internet based bloggy friendships. I would like to present Exhibit A:

These are just a few items out of my fantabulous birthday gift box from Misty. (I am not showing you the rest because that would just be showy and make you jealous.) As I eat the chocolate (yum), prepare myself for a solo concert in my van tomorrow (HOT BLOODED) and crack up at the bug-eyed poop keychain, there is no other word for her besides "friend". Well, there are other words, but...Seriously, who else gives you a poop keychain?

Thanks to Stacy for hosting the random...from all the way across the country now!


  1. FPR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, PLEASE STOP! I AM TEN YEARS OLDER THAN YOU! (Almost.) Please kill me now, or put me in the home. Whichever.

  2. Love it!! Happy happy birthday to you!!! That keychain is great! I will have to look that up for the bathroom humor connoisseurs in my life!!!

    I follow suite In January, turning 43. Not sure about having these regular birthday things!!! Guess it sure beats the alternative!

  3. I'm going straight to hell. You know that expression, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"? Well, that's me. I "intended" to send you a birthday surprise. (But in hindsight could have never topped bug-eyed poop.....classic). But realized I didn't have your address or any concept of time because your birthday is tomorrow. Happy, happy birthday my internet friend. You always make me smile.
    PS. Fornicating Elmo display ........SO WRONG

  4. Awww, thanks for the sweet shout out!! I am so glad you enjoyed the numerous treats in your birthday box! And with more on its way. Woo-hoo!

    You are a true friend and I'm lucky to have you. Hope you have the best 43rd birthday ever!!

    I wish I had known about that kitty teacup sooner! Your box would have been filled with adorableness. ;)

  5. I can't believe I've been missing out on all the laughs here! Damn kids. Happy early birthday, my dearest cape wearing friend!! *Googling overnight shipment of ugly monkeys now*

  6. You are just a youngster. So beautiful and vivacious! Happy Birthday!!!

  7. I am soooooo jealous. I want the poop keychain! ;P
    Lunch!!! It looks yummy! I had a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans. Yay, me! But I did have a delicious nutritious dinner.
    That bratastic looks like my sports bra, and Trip says that he has no idea what sport my bras were intended for but he'd like to investigate it! :/
    That Elmo box is wrong....so terribly wrong....plus Elmo quit Sesame Street! Yes, he did, and methinks it involved a youngster!

    Great list of random!


  8. Hahaha on the Elmo doll! Happy Birthday to you!!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd break out in song, but Little Dude just went down for the night, and since he's across the room in basement dweller mode, it probably wouldn't be cool to scare him like that. ;)

    That sideways Elmo box is so wrong on so many levels - and you know I'm gonna be turning them on their sides out here now just for grins. You know, like retail cow-tipping - Elmo tipping! >;o)~

    Thank you THANK YOU for being a diligent randomizer every week - you are the BEST! And I'm gonna have to send your birthday surprises out late, because they're stuck in storage with all my other earthly possessions - at least they're being kept company. And I wish I would have though of a poop keychain! ;)

    Hope you enjoy your very special day immensely!! :)

  10. Between Elmo and that keychain, I think I might be scarred for life! Hope you have a great birthday!

  11. I am metally sending a whole box of Mexican Jumping Beans...didja get 'em?!?! Oh, good! Happy belated birthday!

  12. Love all the randomness!! And a poop keychain is hilarious! LOVE it!!