Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some random is better than none...maybe?

We were away for the weekend, and the kids promptly transformed the hotel room into their very own counseling office. Surprisingly, I did not hear my name come up at all during their session.

We did not go canoeing, but I did see this sculpture of sorts outside the art gallery.

My son casually swinging the car keys as he tries to avoid the sketchy sub sandwich handing out Icee samples, as well as his mother who is trying to get a photo of it.

Well, this certainly was a meager offering of random. Would you feel better if I gave you a cake?
It doesn't matter that your name isn't "Gamp", as I don't think anyone's is since this arrived with the bakery donations at Meals on Wheels this morning. (Poor Gramps?)

I can't leave you like this. How about a little story? What? Only if it has pictures? Well, then it will have to wait...

Stacy is very busy packing up all of her random to take across the country!


  1. I sometimes sit and look at the blinking cursor at the start of a random post and wonder what I am going to write. Throwing random stuff up there is harder than it looks sometimes.

  2. I really hope there isn't someone out there named Gamp who didn't get a birthday cake.

  3. Poor Gampy. Someone gave his (?) cake away. Love your son. Those costume people (especially dressed as food) totally creep me out. Like there needs to be a 50 foot distance between plus I refuse to make eye contact. Lol

  4. Very random, but interesting canoe sculpture. And I hate food-costume people handing out food. I would totally run in the other direction.

  5. We will just say that Gamp was blessed with an overabundance of cakes, and he was sharing the love! Is that too optimistic? The food minions in stores are kind of creepy!

  6. I need your eye for random humor. You're practically a Picasso in this regard. Love it.