Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Returning random

We just got back from vacation, so as soon as I finish digesting some of what the beach had to offer...

I was going to say that I found the sunburn more startling than the bathing suit, but you know me too well for that to fly.

The line at the snack bar was so long, it took me six days to get the onion rings I won in a bet. Oh, no we didn't wait on line for six days, rather just kept checking each time we were at the beach.

 ...I will be back to share some more fascinating tales with you. You are on the edge of your seat, aren't you?


  1. Ooh, that is one ugly little critter! (the bug not the sunburned dude with the speedo)

  2. Was this a family beach?? The first photo made me ask.....(What was she doing anyway?) Lol

  3. That sunburn looks painful, although not as much as the hurt the speedo's inflicting on my eyes... >_<

    Welcome back!

  4. Eeeek! A cricket!

    I cannot wait to hear the tale of the rings...

  5. I've just fallen off my seat. My eyes, my eyes!!!