Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Roasting the random

It is 92 degrees here and I just saw somebody jog by. They weren't even being chased! Clearly deranged, as I am nearly crying at the thought of walking to my car in the driveway thirty minutes from now. Oh my gosh, I just realized it was almost time to walk the dog too. Dammit, why didn't I see that jogger in time to send Fozzie along? He has barely recovered from his trip to the groomer this morning, so I am sure a good run would do him in good. He got his teeth brushed, but refuses to smile so we can show you guys. Instead, here is a picture of his friend, Molly, the last time they went to the spa together...

Sure, spiders spin silky thread, but what kind of badass arachnid do I have living on my front porch who created this?

Here is a valuable public service announcement from my son...Beware the dangers of spinning your ipod earphones very quickly near your face...

Anybody looking for Alex?

Don't worry if you don't have the shape pan you want for a cake. In fact, don't worry if you don't have the time to decorate individual cupcakes either. There isn't even any reason to consider the word appetizing...

I'm kind of sleepy too...

Remember that time I went out to a dinner with my husband? Well, he has invited me again this year. Seems like a lot of pressure to put on that same bracelet to carry me through...

Visit Stacy, but it's hot over there. consider yourself warned!


  1. That bracelet will see you through anything!! Wait, I'm packing AGAIN. What is it about you posting and this time of year? ;)

  2. Is this another dinner with his coworkers? Because the bracelet might over- shadow the 6 pack you will be obliged to bring. ;)

  3. I don't know--a bracelet may jazz up the joint a bit much...

    Ouch! Don't they make softer ear buds for the iPod? That picture made me wince.

    Sorry about the heat--hopefully after this week?

  4. I don't understand joggers in the heat or extreme cold....come to think of it, I don't understand why they run at all.

    1. It really is puzzling...especially the ones who are visibly pained!

  5. OMG...you have some sort of mutant badass arachnid spinning radioactive webs under your eaves! WTH?????

    Wow, look at Molly....she has an Ultra-Brite smile!!! *giggles* She's sexy and she knows it, the diva!


  6. Oh sh*t. The Alex one has me wiping away tears of laughter. Why do you live in a place with so much random funny stuff? All I got is door-to-door religious people who say my name wrong.