Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Randomly delayed

First of all, if I do not manage to kill this fly that has been taunting me since yesterday, I might lose my mind! Mr. Miyagi, please bring me my chopsticks.

In other stories related to losing my mind, we hosted dinner last night for five of my husband's coworkers from out of town. I had never met any of them, but had certainly let the prospect of being intimidated get the best of me. I wanted to serve them some food from our lovely area because without a theme of some sort, I am apparently unable to function. Sure the husband told me not to worry, but he never worries so why would I choose this time to believe him? I tried to be classy, and put out our crystal with the Finger Lakes wine. Maybe it worked in my favor that I accidentally used the larger water glasses, instead of the wine goblets. The first three people to show up were very friendly and also very young. I felt slightly more at ease. When I answered the door to greet the last group, youth was on display again, as well as a twenty-four ounce can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a six-pack of beer. Perhaps my husband could've mentioned that we would be the town elders at that meal. The stress was completely gone by the time I wowed them with dessert...
This photo is a dramatic re-enactment. The six teens at my house were not terribly impressed.
This crowd was good for my ego. I wonder if they could come back tonight...wait, no they are all going out to eat tonight, including my husband. Does anybody else see anything wrong with this? I am trying to phone in my to-go order!

I took my son to the Department of Motor Vehicles this morning for his learner's permit. He did one last online test right before we left...
Perhaps it will surprise none of you that my thirteen year old daughter passed the online test twice without ever looking at the study book. Talk about teaching your kids how to weed out the incorrect multiple choice options. I love the following choices (my son got this one wrong...did you?)...

As far as our actual visit to the DMV? Priceless! I love how everybody has to go there, no matter who you are or what you do. Nobody is special in those four walls. The fashion show alone was worth the trip. The signs all over the place regarding no photos were absolutely heartbreaking! The outfits, the tattoos...After watching a couple trying to plead some case at a nearby window, they were basically told they couldn't be helped with the information they had. The couple then wandered over to the counter and chatted for a moment before getting in line again. I am not sure what part of their story they changed, but they did not manage to get past the lady who gives out the first number. As far as our mission was concerned...

Here is another one of today's local traffic related news headlines...(here is the link if you are intrigued)
I was still struggling with the appropriateness of that ice cream truck name, when I read further down in the article that this was the same man who was the subject of a spat with a “Sno Cone Joe” ice cream truck. Just when I thought Skippy was a little shady.

The only thing missing from our s'mores the other night was that "snap" of a Hershey bar. We probably didn't really even have to toast the marshmallows!

Wow, I have been in here typing for a little while now with no sounds from the kitchen, or at least none that rise above the FIFA ps3 game going on in the basement. My name was just called. I can't believe I am being invited into the kitchen...

Best to smile, eat the east frightening creation,
and walk away. I hear them talking about dishcloths and sponges now...phew!



  1. Yup, it was worth the wait. Only the blush of youth would show up at a co-workers dinner party toting a six pack. Hahahahaha
    I'm highly confident if I had to retake my written drivers test it would be a horrible fail.

  2. :D LOVE the theme of your party, LOL! Have you ever tried the Treleaven wine? We went to the winery last summer, and the dude who first owned the farm really is a distant relative of my husband's. ;P

    I love what you said about your dinner guests....mayhap you could have charmed them with some creepy baby monkeys! They would have been afeared and THAT would have put you to ease. That would have been an AWESOME theme. Mayhap next time....


  3. Oh, the DMV, and unexpected dinner guests. The XL glasses of wine was a brilliant idea! I hadn't seen any of the questions since The Transporter took the class and the test at a private school in town, not at the DMV. He has about 5 months to his license.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  4. This is true--all are equal in the eyes of the DMV. I did not know that they still made Pabst! They don't sell it here.

    Your husband didn't take you to the dinner out? Hope he brought you some leftovers!

  5. Looks like your road laws are way different from my countries.

    I'm glad your dinner party went well. :-)

  6. mmmm....melty chocolate....makes me want to honk my horn.