Monday, March 25, 2013

My So-Called Teenage Life Blog Hop - Part Deux

Today's the day, and this is just one of the places! See the list below for other blogs participating in the hop.

After much deliberation, I decided which poem to share. Let me just type it up here before I chicken out...

8/5/87 (just 2 1/2 months shy of my eighteenth birthday, and a couple of weeks before we left for college)

Love...hmmm... (a catchy title even)

A catchy word in
A convenient phrase
I love you, I love you
And so starts the maze

A web of confusion
Diverse meanings the thread
A merry-go-round illusion
Twirling about in my head
When the midway lights grow dim
The carnival infatuation fades
Into more subdued colors
Of less confusing shades
At the exit sign we pause
A moment to reflect
Then realize from fantasy land
We must defect

A catchy word in
A convenient phrase
But why do I love you
Here ends the maze

A base of trust formed
By mutually respecting
Sharing comes from us giving
Not constantly expecting
No helpless dependence
Neither of us guiding too much
You're a positive supportive hand
Instead of a carrying crutch
Through times of trouble
I know you'll always be close by
With a firm shoulder to gain strength from
Not just a cushion on which to cry

Together we are one
Happier I couldn't be
For we still exist as two people 
You've given me the courage to be me!

Yep...feel free to use that gem for that special someone in your life. Sorry that you didn't have it in time for Valentine's Day. I cannot decide which is more surprising...that the lucky recipient of this outpouring of love and I only dated another two and a half years...or that this guy dated me for more than another two and a half minutes after letting all of this emotion wash over him.

Senior Ball ~ June 1987 
(and yes, the song "Lady in Red" was already out)
That corsage deserved a name and, a dear friend just suggested, its own zip code as well


  1. Oh my GOD...your poetry rocked. I would've totally followed you around like a puppy dog in high school..."TEACH me to be all deep and profound, Andrea...teach me." You were adorable!! You could've gone a little bigger on the hair, but maybe that's just me. heh heh. See what I did there?

    1. Oh I see what you did there! You'd have had a lot of space following me around (as nobody else wanted in on this mess!)

  2. Ah, Fantasy Land...I was very happy there. Well, Teen Andrea, I must say that red is your color! I love that dress. Did you get a limo for the corsage? That looks like it would get heavy after a bit...

    1. I still have the dress. in fact, I wore it to preschool for work a few years ago (nevermind how far it zipped/did not zip)

  3. I so want to shake my high school self and ask her why she didn't write more poetry. HS poetry is just the best. Second only to that monster corsage. :)

  4. You are so cute! And I love the poem. ha ha ha! I think I will put it in a card for my husband next Valentine's Day ... if you really don't mind. ;)

  5. So emotional...and so in love :) Aww..the teen years! Love the red dress.

  6. Nice poem! You sound like the kind of person I would've been friends with as a teen.

    1. Realy?! You'd have put up with that?!?! LOL!

  7. Wow. How did you lift your wrist with that giant corsage? :)

    I love reading the teenage poetry. I was never into it, but it's fun to read. I wish I would've tried it back then too.

  8. I hate to admit it, but that's a better poem than I could write now, let alone in high school. I think you were quite a talent! And I love the picture!

  9. Wow - it looks like the corsage was a little like your pet for the evening. You had to make sure it didn't get squashed!

  10. This could be in a greeting card! Pretty darn sappy, and pretty good. :) I seemed to only write when things were bad, so I don't have a record of any first love happiness. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I wish I knew where my teenage love angst poetry was...because I wrote plenty of it. I do have a box of journals and such, maybe it's in there...
    I like waht Jeannette said, sappy but good. Teenage love IS sappy. But it grows, if for example you marry your high school sweetheart, which I did...

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  12. Well, afterall, he DID give you the courage to be "me." I mean, what guy wouldn't want to stick around after that? ;)

    Very brave. Bravo!

    And you look very pretty in your prom dress. Andrea . . . I never will forget, the way you look . . . toniiiiiiiight. :)

  13. I may use that gem for that special someone :-) That was great! You and I graduated the same year! BTW...your prom pic is MUCH better than mine.