Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

For one glorious moment this morning, I thought I had hit some outrageous jackpot. I woke up to a clock that read 8:00 am, and thought my family must've found a new home for the dogs!!! Lo and behold, they started yapping at 8:30, so I just appreciated that they let me sleep in.

The snow today put a wrench in my plans to do something new and different, like go for a hike. I must say that the weather was almost a relief, as it was really too crummy to do anything...a perfect excuse to do nothing! A Mother's Day miracle---nobody looking at me in anticipation of what fabulous plans I had in store. I was completely excused from my job as Julie McCoy--cruise director.

My daughter and I went to visit my mother, while still in our jammies. Then we stopped at the store for a couple of dinner provisions. There is sauce in the crockpot which I didn't mind throwing together at noon. I think sometimes the problem with making dinner is the timing. By 5:30 pm, I have no interest in exerting the energy required to put dinner on the table...I'm not saying it takes a lot of energy...I'm saying I don't wish to exert it!

To all of you mothers out there, I wish you a moment to relax today..whether that means eating a meal sitting down, peeing with the door closed, or reading an uninterrupted chapter in a book...anything beyond that might be a stretch for many of us. (And if you did get sent away to a spa, keep that to yourself!)

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