Friday, May 7, 2010

Good fight gone bad

So there it was...the dreaded to-do list...just sitting there lifeless on the counter. What a martyr! Maybe if it had more exciting things on it, I'd give it more prompt and eager attention. But alas, I decided yesterday that I would devote my day off today to the list--in other words, I hadn't had time to make lunch plans! I even got a jump start last night spending a ridiculous amount of time on things I later realized I'd never put ON the list...blah! I was curious just how long things really took to do when focus was involved.

At 9:00 I dropped the girl child off at school, and got straight to the first round of errands. By noon, I had six things checked off my list, including uploading some photos from the old computer (that item had been on previous lists for the past three months). When I realized I had returns at three stores, I decided that was enough to warrant a second trip out. Upon entering the mall, I got my sunglasses adjusted so they would stop falling off my face (um, they've been doing that for a year!) I was off to the races--useful accomplishments that didn't even make it to the list? What special vitamin was in today's breakfast cereal that was allowing me to function on all cylinders?

With such positive energy flowing, I decided to look for a new bedspread (ours is fifteen years old...I think I got my money's worth!) I have already returned two $200 comforter sets to Bed Bath and Beyond, because apparently I have no true idea of what color the walls are in my bedroom. I was dangerously unarmed of any paint swatches, as I perused Macy's. I found a set that was sure to work for $40. Yee-ha!

I finished up the return roundup at the craft store where I planned to peruse the paper offerings for bridal shower invites. I carried some around for long enough to finally realize that no envelopes were in the kit (how is that a kit, one might ask). Then I decided on some golden yellow paper that I was going to put brown ribbon with (since a voice in my head told me the wedding colors had something to do with brown). OK, well I will say right here that, while this color combo does not even sound might've been...maybe...

I drove home with some minutes to spare even. I was looking forward to crossing four more things off my list. I had fought the good fight today, only checked facebook a couple of times, didn't pick up the phone (well, it didn't ring, but I didn't make any calls either, and that IS something), AND I remembered to eat lunch. I sang along with Alannis Morrisette--"You Live, You Learn", if you're interested, and pulled into the driveway.

The email I caught right before I left at 12:34 told me where the bride-to-be was registered (but hadn't answered my color question). The one that came at 12:37 (that I missed) told me the colors were navy and fuschia. Apparently that was NOT my voice in my head telling me the color was brown...ok, add invite paper back to list.

Once again, I proved to myself just how many different shades of sage-like green there are in the world (and how unlikely it is that I will find the one on my walls in a bed covering). It also seems to be made of a material like that in public restroom paper towel dispensers. The sad thing is, since I only spent $40 (instead of $200), I might just convince myself it works to avoid having to put "return bedspread" on my list for a third time this week.

I was still not to be defeated and had three ounces of energy left, so I perused what was left on the list. "Find camera"....ugh! My daughter's camera has been missing for over a month. I MIGHT have been able to accept that it was lost. HOWEVER, I distinctly remember saying (about a month ago) "Hey! Here's your camera!" Where the hell was I? And more importantly, why did I not quickly usher it to safety? I don't have much ability to cope when something is lost in my own house--it makes me, well it makes me a little cuckoo and obsessed. Plus, now I have something I cannot cross off the list.

I flopped down at the computer in hopes of finding an email or something to amuse me. The only email was the one with the address for the upcoming Girl Scout encampment. Hooray, now I can Mapquest find out that it is OVER two hours away...(slight whimper). I do not feel very Girl Scouty right now, and plan to stay in denial regarding the potential for me to be sleeping in a tent with ten year olds, a mere two weeks from now. I am also trying to ignore the low-pile carpet of dust that is forming in our computer space. It didn't bother me this morning when I was getting "computer oriented" things done on my it is just making me think I need to add "dust" to my list!

P.S. I was amused, as always, by Baxter's blog. He tells great tales of his life as a dog! Check him out some time...


  1. The bedspread is beautiful & matches the walls, the invitation problem has been solved & the camera has been found. All is rigth in Andrea's world.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I'm amused by your blog too, and I fully appreciate the power of the list, and the sense of fulfillment at crossing things off it.

    On days when I don't have my list with me, I can barely function.