Sunday, May 2, 2010


There has been a complete disregard of the house candy rules. While I was working on my, admittedly lackluster, last blog entry, Mr. Sweet Tooth committed crimes against the newly renovated snack shack. He finished MY sponge candy that was given to ME on Easter. It was a very large bag, of which I had eaten three pieces. Now I did realize all along that the candy was disappearing, but I also knew that there were 4 pieces left this morning when I revamped my organization system in the pantry closet. I felt safe in my decision to not eat a piece of that heavenly candy at 10:00 am. Fool! He ate all four pieces this evening while I was one room away typing. I need a better sniffer...or better agents, as the children were sitting on the couch while he prowled!


  1. I once had a friend who made sponge candy. It seems like it'd be a fine topic for you to attempt and then blog about...I'm a little afraid of it myself, but I'd love to witness the process from afar.

  2. Oh, I've made it a few times, but can't get it as airy (or nicely shaped). You can come watch next time, and shout out any pointers, or just general commentary!

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