Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Writing Wednesday

Apparently the art of alliteration in snappy titles has been lost on me. The other thing I am completely adrift on is the current role public libraries serve to provide. I went to the library to try to work on some writing today, since it's Wednesday and all. My house is plenty quiet in a literal sense, but figuratively, there are a lot of voices ranging from dust bunnies to half finished craft projects screaming for my attention. Off in seek of solace and quiet, to the library I went! I suppose it should be noted that the last time I embarked on one of these productivity in scribing attempts at the library, I did encounter some chattiness, but nothing to deter me from believing libraries could still be the sanctuaries of my youth where I was shushed on countless occasions.

My first mistake was not grabbing one of these chairs...

...instead I opted for one of the chairs with the swivel tables to put my notebook on...

...that happened to be so very close to shelves of books.
I had not considered what it was like to be a dog, until I saw that the opportunity to find out was closer than I realized! Fear not though, as this distraction was quickly forgotten, and then replaced by the crying toddler who had fallen during storytime. He recovered quickly, able to run a few laps around the main room. No worries though as the more than full volume conversation taking pace at the circulation desk in that photo helped me forget about all of the other shiny objects. I was fully invested in the call on speakerphone one row over. I was dangerously close to turn into a fist pumping "get off my lawn" type of character demanding more library-like behavior.
And then came the Cabin Porn. Followed by the joke told in two rounds to various librarians who proved to be disappointing audiences. The guy claimed he'd been working hard on his joke since Monday, looking so forward to the opportunity to share it.
Granted, the joke has been on Reddit for five years, but who'd know? Certainly not somebody armed with paper, pencil and literary dreams! Maybe I needed to be better organized, declutter my mind...
...or just go home and succumb to what may await me there...

...but I was surely not expecting this trail of Pringles my husband left on his way upstairs with his lunch to make sure he could find his way back down.

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  1. The trail of Pringles might lead to a husband who's been locked up by a witch. Anyone who wants to know what it's like to be a dog should read Franklin & Penelope's blog posts.