Saturday, June 26, 2021

Random on a weekend

You're here?! I'm here?! My mind is sifting through a few possible comments I can make regarding how long this particular space has been dormant, but I feel like I've used them before...dusting the cobwebs and the like. Let's just see where the thoughts take us...

I've had plenty of thoughts I wanted to share, but I let myself get wrapped up in basically the general minutiae of it all. So many things were best descried as bittersweet, but all that was lingering was the bitter. You know that sense when you've just brushed your teeth, and even though that minty freshness has some appeal, it still makes your orange juice taste lousy! Looking around and trying stuff with a level of anticipation for an expected outcome, and just falling short, feeling bitter. Not exactly the place I thought my writing should come from, or at least not if I wanted anybody to read it.

Let's not try to make this a big thing, maybe just some random bits and pieces of some things I've been up to in order to get things rolling? These two were not even silently judging me...

...and had no regard for personal space. (Their plans were promptly foiled-literally.)
I know duct tape holds the universe together, but that doesn't mean it is always impressive to see first hand.
At some point the sneakers just get thrown away, not spruced up to be relegated for lawn shoes.

Let's add a little flavor to the mix here...
...with the annual tasting of the Lay's diabolical summer contest. This year was more about deciding on the least gross as opposed to the most tasty. Just grab yourself some barbecue chips if you're feeling too fancy for plain, or maybe just some rippled ones will suffice. 

I consider myself very well versed in the candy realm, with a special focus on the gummy varieties. I beg to differ with the notion of these being the "most popular"...
...not even top ten! Gummi (I thought it was gummy) pizza slices? What's the actual flavor, and which part of it is natural? It's all just wrong! It should come as no surprise that these offerings were shelved right next to circus peanuts. Circus peanuts! In the checkout lane? Because so many people were forgetting to get them with the rest of their shopping? Because gathering groceries sucks so much of our souls, that a tub of packing circus peanuts will seem like a flotation device to carry us home? I wish I could say that was the most baffling thing I saw at the supermarket, but I was in awe of how much of this situation was upright...
...the gravity defying hair on top of a body sized like a barbie doll! It still fascinates me to look at. I need to tear myself away...PIE, that'll do it!
...the lesson here was that if you put too much pudding in the crust, you wont be able to spread the meringue, no matter how much effort you put into elevating your meringue game. (Perhaps you'd like to check out the second post I ever wrote here that featured a lemon meringue pie!? Seriously, my meringue stylings have gotten much better even with this messy offering.)

I've also been busy with crossword puzzles. I find them sort of relaxing, until things like this happen...
Excuse me, but even if a Wookie is an alien in some intergalactic dictionary, that is not the go to clue. However, I was not as upset on Chewbacca's behalf as I was for a very near and dear...
YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!!! Like he needs some high falootin' crossword creator misunderstanding him.

Other times I've just been waiting to see how things play out...
...sometimes with more hope than others...
...and sometimes waiting feels like the worst. This was the view from the holding pen at my mammogram... was already a hot day outside, and I had already been waiting a bit, so I did not need another reminder of hell.

I don't want to make any promises, but can we agree to come back? I do miss you when we aren't here. (At least you know I've done the phone photo dump, so we have that out of the way.)


  1. So happy to see you, dear heart! That's quite the hair on that tiny body. I wonder how she has the strength to hold her head up with that load. Chewy isn't an alien; he's a Wookie. What's alien about that? Everyone knows Chewy. You actually had to look at a roaring fire on a TV during a hot day? That's uncalled for. We must protest. We'll make signs and march in the streets--when it's cooler. I visited your second-ever post to learn about the pies. Maybe the person who made the scramble eggs wasn't really to blame because I have heard before about pepper and basil conspiring to ruin pies. It happens. Maybe you need a vacation. The Lake Junebug Resort & Rumpus Room is open, and Penelope is still trying to figure out how to get to France. You can choose the resort or traveling to France with Penelope.


    1. We obviously need to burn our bras during the protest as well, so maybe we should wait for fall when the weather is cooler! Please don’t combust from the heat down there at the resort. I bet France has some fine kibble for mon chien, Penelope!

    2. It's so hot that most days I wear a short, cotton nightie with only undies underneath, or not. People tend to stare when I grocery shop dressed this way. Let 'em stare. I'll pull up the nightie and flash them.

      Now that I've written that I feel compelled to state that I don't go out in a nightgown. I am not "people of Wal-Mart" and maybe don't even qualify as white trash. Sometimes I joke about something and people stare at me and say, REALLY?

  2. I love seeing your blog posts pop in my feed.
    That lady's hair is FANTASTIC.
    I know where the BEST gummies are. I'm willing to share.

  3. I had to do a double-take on the date, because YOU POSTED!! :) You've been sorely missed, I hope you don't wait too long to post again, you always manage to brighten my day. ;)

    I have to agree with you on those *not* being the BEST gummies - well, I mean, I do like the cola ones on occasion, but I've never seen nor tried (nor have the desire to try) the pizza, that'd be a hard "No" from me. That lady's hair is astounding! Wonder how much hairspray she had to use to create that? Having to watch a virtual roaring fire in the waiting room of hell on a hot day is just extra torture.