Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Just a quick random

The next time you are upright, dressed and feeling relatively reasonable about yourself, I hope my husband doesn't hand you a fanned out display of hair color coupons. So subtle. 
Truth be told, but I am reluctant to say "in his defense", I did end up using one of those coupons, and after turning our bathroom once again into a low budget crime scene, the "washes out in 28 days" color apparently washed out during the rinse process. This was a new and different occurrence, and one I am obviously not pleased about! Let's move on to party tips from Crispix cereal...
...as I am left to dispute whether I would call a gathering successful if I was only offered two snack options. I am not disrespecting snack mix of the Crispix or Chex variety, but I need more than one other bowl of something to make leaving my house worthwhile. (Let's not even get into the fact that right now all I can ponder is trying to sit alone in a corner across the room from my host trying to cram seasoned dry cereal from what I hope is my own personal baggie into my mouth behind a mask.)

And now, a brief moment of silence for the fallen lawn inflatables...
...and perhaps another moment for whatever I am guessing a bird swooped down and carried off?!?!
I have never seen tracks like that before! 

I guess now I should try to finish up the other post I was working on, after thinking about starting it for three days. I am almost positive it will not reflect the effort made.

*After seeing that coupon larger, I just want to confirm that I do own emery boards, and understand how they work.


  1. I used to try to color my own hair and ended up with dismal results every time. I went to a hairdresser for color after that, but now I have Corona hair, which means letting it turn a bit gray. Wow! Such a demand for a successful gathering. I love the deflated ornaments. That always happens to them. A very funny and enjoyable post.


  2. Thanks for the inflatable comment, that was my guffaw for the day!