Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Rehydrated random

Once again, I did not realize how many important photos I had stockpiled on my phone, so let's get right to it...
Hey Britain! Thanks for suggesting you have us covered...
...but are those what you consider "bigger boobs" over there? Or is that actually a photo of what your sorcery powers can make 38DD look like? What kind of voodoo magic are you practicing, or what is the median bra size in your country? I will just be here looking all stylish and versatile!
Seriously, this is just a simple exercise t-shirt I bought. I considered returning it, as it seemed unnecessary for my simple walking workout regime. However, when I went to check the price again,  and saw all I was getting for under $15, I ripped those tags right off! Stay tuned for my selfie! AND, if I need more inspiration, I can find my "daily dose of superhero"...
...in a ten mushroom blend? I have absolutely been looking in all of the wrong places! Speaking of things I wasn't looking for, and could have missed due to some great camouflage...
...just take a few seconds and let some captions for this come to you, then share them with me! Perhaps now you are feeling saucy?
Don't hate! My friends assured me it would be everything I hoped for. I am not too proud to admit that they were correct!

In closing, remember that time my idyllic vision of Mary Ingalls was sullied? 
Her blind eyes were less creepy than whatever is going on there. Anyway, I did not even want to consider what precious moment was going to be tarnished next. Aaaack!
This is not at all what "Don't you forget about me" meant to be remembered as! Hold me Kari!


  1. so many sides of wrong - that's not Judd Nelson....totally too happy and clean. You are a slightly sick person (in a funny good way). This post kinda means your phone needs a clean swipe, like truly - wipe clean and start fresh.
    Too funny.....and I feel wrong laughing at times.

  2. OMG they made the Breakfast Club into a Precious Moments figurine. I cannot unsee that.
    Also, Mayochup is really good; no shame there AT ALL.
    I didn't realize there were even ten varieties of mushrooms but I don't like mushrooms to begin with so.....