Friday, July 19, 2019

My next guest needs some introduction

Did you ever try to explain something, and words just don't help to clear up any confusion? It's almost as if what seems like a simple path from point A to point B in your mind is a circuitous route to nowhere to other people. Eventually it just feels like...
...but, keep trying!
Here's where we begin the introduction. This is Amandequin... you can see, she is super festive and patriotic. She gets a little nervous when people try to understand why she is here (see above). I can give you some key plot points of the story if you promise not to think too much or try too hard to have this make you.

Amandequin spent several eternally six year old years living with her dads just outside of Boston. Her sense of style and love for her brother Bruno (as well as her dads' sense of humor) could be seen in many a holiday greeting card...

...until last summer...
...on Cape Cod. With this being a new year and all, her dads thought maybe it was time for Amandequin to light up someone else's life for awhile. Enter my daughter and me. We were busy being pampered at Amandequin's house and I must have let my gaze linger too long in her direction. Her dads thought she was the muse I needed, the spark that might breathe some life back into this old blog of mine. And here we are! She really has gotten to work around this place.

She loves Lily (as well as her sweet hand me down clothes)...
...but sadly the feeling is far from mutual. Rescue dogs took more of an interest in her as they are more familiar with her plight.
So far the worst thing for this Red Sox girl has been how helpless she feels in a NY team home.
(You can see the shame in those eyes even though she won't turn her head.) For the most part, she is enjoying her new adventures, like knee boarding...
...and kayaking!

I let her start her own instagram account if you'd like to check out more!


  1. Muses are wonderful! I need one.

  2. very fun. Maybe she and Ninja Alex can get together some time.

  3. AMANDAQUIN!!! I am so proud of you getting in there to do the hard journalism to bring her to the blog.
    Tell her, I am her biggest fan.

  4. Oh my! She’s both adorable and creepy. On the upside, she’ll be a great listener.