Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Question for the random

If you blog it, will they read? That is the real question these days, Kevin Costner!

Now that you are here, I have to wonder if earlier today you were asking yourself...
 And now that good fortune has manifested itself in my return? I am not going to bore you with flowery explanations of what I've been so busy doing, or flimsy excuses. 
(everything was awesome)
Instead, I will bore you with a few tidbits I've been saving just for you. To start things off, I think you should know that if you don't live in an area where you can grocery shop at Wegmans, some would say you are at a disadvantage. However, if you are in a geographically favorable location, but your Wegmans doesn't have a Godiva shop near the pharmacy, you are still doing it wrong.
These are the kind of delicacies I find myself taunted with when I stop elsewhere for provisions...
...meatloaf does not need help to look less appetizing. (I am not hating on meatloaf, as I am a fan, but come on.) The scary tomato eyes are just making the whole thing look like a muppet massacre. Now here is an absolutely necessary serving suggestion that makes perfect sense.
Do not just drink the food coloring, nor squirt it on just any old food. You're welcome for the advice!

With any luck I will  be back soon...provided I can remember even one of those several post ideas I had when I was too busy assessing whether things sparked joy to sit down and write.


  1. So random and so right. No Wegman's in Texas, but I go when I visit my Dad in PA. He loves the goodies there - we always buy donuts. Nothing with scary eyes on it.
    Now, what to do with my red food coloring? Hmmm.......

  2. I feel like meatloaf with eyes might be something that would make me want to eat meatloaf more.