Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Random cycle

So apparently days of the week are on some sort of cycle, like a routine of sorts. I thought I was getting use to it, but then I missed posting some random last Tuesday. Wait! That was my birthday, so perhaps aging has something to do with my forgetting to post. I will ponder this while I cling bare-knuckled style to my forties for the next 358 days. During this time I will also seek to find the "right cookie".

Pumpkin marble cheesecake is the perfect answer when you've had the misfortune of the "wrong cookie". This could have easily been my fortune...
...or maybe more like my motto. So true. Plus, the time of year has arrived when 7:00 p.m. pajama time seems perfectly acceptable, especially when paired with a good book. 
Exercising is probably also a great idea, Sure, yeah, most likely. Although his smile makes me think he isn't getting enough oxygen, as that elliptical is pure evil. Speaking of pure evil, look what they did to the book department of our bullseye store...
...and the worker's explanation of what is going in that space was not even close to exciting enough to hold my attention. For one thing, it didn't involve books. In other store browsing news...
...all I could think of when I saw this sweater was whether or not I was serving corn with dinner. That really isn't fair for a perfectly lovely discounted designer garment. 

Take care of yourselves, and hopefully, if life can't wait...
...you are able to easily find some sour drops and lip-rageous lip balm! Crises averted!


  1. Happy birthday!! Definitely skip the bra. I'd never wear one again if I didn't have to.

  2. Did you make that cheescake??? Also, that sweater kind of reminds me of Charlie Brown's Halloween costume.

    I got rocks.

  3. Happy Birthday week. Good observations all around - you aren't getting too too old. Trust me

  4. I hate the Target is expanding there toy department by taking away physical media such a sad day. Happy Birthday.