Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A spot for the random


Product placement is key! How many times have you been tugging at a wedgie while standing in the rain thinking "Ugh, if only I could find something to fix one of these problems without forgetting the other!!!"
This store has got you boo! Hipsters and the elite side by side, as undies and umbrellas have always been meant to be. Just like peanut butter and jelly, or ice cream and sprinkles...
 ...or ice cream and night crawlers and red worms!? And the bathroom I just noticed! This is not your typical kitchen work triangle. And yes, I might know whose ice cream she is scooping-don't judge me.

Meanwhile, I have chosen appropriate spots to plant tomatoes, even fed them the appropriate soil. I achieved minimal results...ok, maybe I let them get too thirsty. My mother is on her second or third year of mystery tomatoes.
All of those plants there under the tree are cherry tomatoes that have never been planted. She did stake them, but provided little additional tending, other than harvesting. 

Oh, one other thing about locations...if the glimpses into my life here just aren't enough, I am on instagram (ajcasarsa) where research into the finest half moon cookies is just one of the things being highlighted! Maybe I'll see you there!

Well that is about as fascinating as I can get for now! Peace out honeybees!


  1. worms and ice cream, et al....you might have hit random heaven........dang

    1. So is there anywhere left to go from here?

  2. Are you kidding me? I carry my umbrella IN my underwear. Amateurs.

    Have we ever discussed middle names? I spy "aj" in your Instagram account. Does that mean your middle name begins with a "J"?



  3. Can you use the umbrella to stick it down your pants and push the wedgie out? I always have a wedgie.


  4. I feel like that ice cream might taste better BECAUSE the worms are right there. Or maybe BECAUSE they are in the ice cream.

  5. Underwear and Umbrellas are sorta alphabetical if you read right to left..... You're brave putting your veggies in the front yard. I'm surprised no one has stolen any.

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