Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Heart-y random

How can it be Tuesday again already? I did so much in the past week, yet it somehow seems to have amounted to so little. Maybe I would be more productive if I put forth less effort? Here goes!

I don't even have any random photos left on my phone to share, so let me take a look around here! My daughter informed me that I was slacking in getting the Valentine candy into the bowls, so I promptly got my act together. Looks like the large Brach's conversation hearts went with some new dialogue this year. 
I was far more excited and interested when I thought this said "Nacho man".
 So am I too old for these?
Yeah, that's what I was thinking!
Seems a little desperate, no? Let's see what Sweet-tart hearts have to offer...
...Ah, that's better...maybe? Look how colorful this bowl of sugar delights is - just one perk of opening the bag when home alone. No doubt we will soon find ourselves in the same nearly monochromatic place as every other year. (You can read my first post about that - it was my third post ever here on this little blog in 2010, and clearly something I have felt passionate about for quite some time.)

**My daughter just walked in and commented on her conversation heart from earlier. She said at first she thought I bought a bag of "funny" hearts...
...then decided she just felt badly about herself.**


  1. mmm...candy. You had me at sweets. All good in your blog world. Keep it posting!

  2. I am coming off the flu and this is just the post I needed to read.

  3. I used to love those Sweet-tart hearts. Haven't had any for years, though.

    That last picture cracked me up. It's nice Brach's is trying new things?

  4. Are those for real? Seriously? Honestly, I worry about the rising generation--with the poor focus they have on building lasting relationships... Well, let's hope those hearts aren't a predictor of our future, eh?

  5. Hehehe. Looks like Brach's needs to up their candy heart game. Come on, center your text, guys. Try. My daughter had a bag of candy hearts. I picked one out and it said, "EW NO." sigh

  6. I don't let myself get candy during the Candy High Holidays. I love it too much. SweeTarts are one of my faves!

  7. LOL It's like the crazy lady you always see in Walmart wrote these hearts!

  8. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely,i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.