Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Random reading

February seems to be the time of year when my need to clutter goes into overdrive. It might have something to do with the fact that I can no longer blame the holidays for the stuff blanketing every surface. Maybe the conversation hearts just speak to me on a higher level. Or maybe February just tends to get on my last nerve and fidgety fuels the restoring order fire. 

I turned my attention to the book shelves. They saw me coming, and tried to be all "I wasn't that bad of a book, maybe so-and-so wants to read me"..."Maybe you have no taste"...and then from the ones put in the bag "You say you are going to start going to the library, we bet you can't make it through March."  I filled a copy paper box (I could have just said a box, but then you might have been unimpressed, assuming I used a shoe box) and a bag (not a lunch bag either).

Phase one of Operation Literature Reduction is futile without phase two-driving to the used book/buyback store. Yesterday was the day! I like to browse the store while my haul is being reviewed, as I feel it gives me a slightly less desperate appearance. I fully intended to take the cash for all of the books I felt confident the guy was going to take, but better to be prepared. I remembered I had my book wish list in my purse, so I was not just wandering aimlessly, but rather surely gave the impression that I didn't care if he wanted any of my awesome books or not-an attitude that was bound to pull in top dollar. I found one of the five books, so I was headed toward the slippery slope away from walking out with money in my pocket.

Then I saw this...
THREE novels?! As tempted as I was, I found it hard to believe that anything on the pages of the book could live up to the title. Maybe if the two books I already had in my hand did not add up to the exact $10 that I was being offered in store credit for the six books he was interested in. (Cash would have been $6.50-who are we kidding?)

I felt a little deflated as I loaded the books back into my car, but I still had the book store one block down. Not only would that make another dent in my stash, but I would leave whatever few books that were bound to be left at that store as a donation, to escape the danger of them coming home with me and wandering back inside. "Closed on Mondays" (sigh-totally deflated)


  1. I need to declutter my craft room but I have a hard time letting go of potential projects....even if they've been saved for the last 25 years cause 'I might find a use for it'.

  2. I feel like they stole the title of my someday autobiography.

  3. funny. tough to let go of such classic titles

  4. Ummmm.....Somehow I missed featuring this classic on my blog! How in the flucking heck did that happen????

  5. Funny post - thinning out the book shelves can be daunting. Good on you for putting a dent in your quest for less. My home renos, back in 2013, was when my life became minimalistic. Yup, I have very little, and it feels amazing. So... that's my remedy now for purging - renovate a room, or the whole house. You have to be ruthless.

    What a title for a book - if it's still there on your next visit you should buy it - I have a feeling it might be a collectors item one day. LOL

    With smiles, Jenny

  6. wow !!! it really beautiful so much.i like your good idea Thanks for the inspiration!