Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The random May return

Thanks for hanging out, and perhaps singing along, with me for the April a-z challenge. So now what shall we do for the month of May?

Put our raincoats on for starters, I guess. Yikes! As if that forecast last night wasn't frightening enough, look at this!
Is your part of the USA also suffering from a lettuce shortage? Or perhaps just some crafty way to generate and justify silly prices? I did not find any such information at any other local stores - what a relief! My friend's response when I sent her the alert: "Lettuce shortage? It takes like 5 minutes to grow a new crop".

I went to my nephew's first communion over the weekend. It was the first time I attended church in a long while, but as I looked down in the pew in front of me...
 ...and saw that great big Lego Store bag, I felt for a moment like I had found where I belonged (but also admit being somewhat distracted by trying to figure out which giant set was inside).


  1. I live in an area that desperately needs rain. Send some of that weather my way!

    And I haven't noticed the lettuce supply at all. Probably means I need to eat more Salad. :)

  2. we could always use a steady rain - not a tornado rain, not a hail rain. Texas and rain has issues - never an all day drizzle.
    But if it rains, you can always play indoors with Legos - fun!

  3. So THAT'S why there hasn't been any iceberg lettuce at Stop & Shop! I was like, 'is this store going out of business or something?' Produce has been very bad this spring, in that there hardly isn't any. I had no idea.

  4. You're getting the rain we had all last week.
    YAY Geography. And weather. And Spring.
    Umm we are okay on lettuce here and it isn't 2.99 either.

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