Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday while I was making dinner, my husband and daughter were on the couch, clearly in training for today when they would feel compelled to snap into action and cater to my every whim. Yes, they were going to make me earn today. Foz caught onto the plan and came into the kitchen to heckle me and make some demands of his own. It's like his grumblings were at some pitch that only I could hear.

I made plans to have breakfast with my mom, before this queen's court was even awake to start spoiling me. Breakfast in bed doesn't necessarily have to be my own bed, right? (Plus, they don't think to spike the juice at my house...or at least the one who might isn't home from college yet.)
This lady. Always by my side, always with a shoulder, always has my back. I really messed up by playing my best card first back in 2013. Granted, last year was pretty glamorous as well. Let's see what photo we have for this year.
 Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Me, with my blue Snoopy watch, the perfect accent piece. You, with your blue eye shadow to remind us this was the seventies, as your outfit isn't giving anything away for some reason. Then again, you are always in style! I know I was recently telling you how my outfits always fall apart when it comes to shoes. I guess I need to think outside the realm of what seems logical and go back to my days of dark socks and brown shoes with things like those pale pink pants. My kids make me practically beg for photos sometimes, but I seem to have always been a happy and willing participant to be photographed by your side! Much love!


  1. Thank you. It's been my pleasure to raise you but sometimes I do wonder who was raising who. You've taken care of me in many ways and on so many occasions. Love you love you love you.

  2. I'm glad you had a great mothers' day!!!

  3. Aww I love this one.
    Happy Belated Mothers Day!

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