Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Gads! We are losing daylight and I have yet to throw any random to the Tuesday wind. Truth be told, daylight is gone, and most of the photos in my phone seem to be for the blogger I share this space with.

Did somebody call me?
But I am the chosen one, can't you see it? I am the light.
Oh Foz.

Let's see, there must be something else. Aha! This...
My daughter pointed this out, and both of us were immediately unsettled. Nothing like sharing a little OCD moment together. I am sorry that I have now released it here to bother you as well. Phew, at least I can delete that off my phone now so it never sneaks up on me again!


  1. That letter package is driving me nuts. It's missing W and Z. Plus being out of order.

  2. Thanks for bothering me too. Foz needs to straighten out these folks and their letters

  3. The package DOES NOT HAVE ALL THE LETTERS! I can't bear it. Why must you torture me this way? My ex-husband got you to do this, didn't he?