Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Regrouping the random

I didn't really explain my absence before Fozzie and a scary bedtime prayer brought me back. I figured you all have your own lives and maybe didn't even notice. I also didn't necessarily have any logical explanation. Some days I felt like I just couldn't get out of my own way, or into my own house...
(No, those are not all Legos, just the box on the right. The rest were work related, and relatively unexpected.)

I also recently bought a spiralizer attachment for my mixer, so that took up some time in a very-distracting-I'm-watching-and-still-don't-know-how-it-works kind of way...

Plus, then my friend and my mom had to come by with their produce to share in my joy spiral. I will go to great lengths for company apparently.

I also helped my daughter register for the ACT. I might not have offered if I had remembered the road the interest question survey went down...

There were 72 of these questions that fell into the same obvious categories. I disputed her indifference at the one that said "Help a person in an emergency", but she explained that it depended on whether she could help (whereas I had jumped to the conclusion that she was not giving a crap about the person).

I was still on the lookout for things that baffled me...
Jelly Belly, you know I love you as I sent you a letter to tell you so, but donuts are not your thing - nor is hot cocoa, and I like my donuts donut-flavored with hot cocoa on the side. Don't complicate things. I see those jellybeans flying around the top wondering why you have forsaken them.

I am  big fan of pretzels, especially what I think of as the big NYC street vendor pretzels. This is blasphemy...
That pretzel deserves to be naked! If you had to dress it, some simple processed cheese spread would have been fine!

I found a couple of other treasures I was saving for their very own special moment in the sun (or glow of the computer screen), but I have already given you a lot to digest.


  1. the lobster pretzel from Walgreens is ridiculous. That's just wrong. You definitely brought out a lot of excellent random to ponder. I need to go think, and maybe find a good street vendor pretzel (alas, I can't. I'm in TX and they don't know how to do pretzels). I look forward to your other treasures - they shall blow my mind.

  2. I need to make curly potatoes. I do not need lobster pretzels. Especially for 12 dollars.

  3. I gagged a little when I looked at the lobster pretzel. Some things should not be tampered with. My other beef with that is to the Oreo company. Enough is enough. Chocolate and vanilla - the end.......just stop the madness

  4. I bet twirly food tastes better.


  5. LOL Yes you have given us a lot to digest!!! I remember the college prep days....thankfully they are in my rearview mirror! ;P
    My daughter wants me to get a spiralizer so badly so we can make zucchini pasta. Was it really that hard to master? It looks like you have it all down pat!

    Since when did Jelly Belly decide to diversify in such a disturbing fashion? We only have the beans down here....


  6. Veggies twists yes! Lobster twists no. Agreed completely on a Jelly Belly donut.