Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jingle Random*

* This title makes no sense and is irrelevant to this post. I am just trying to keep things festive.

Remember my caramel apple stocked refrigerator from last week? Well, I forgot to show you the handy gift tags that were in the box...
...in case I want to give them away? Baffling. Maybe I am just supposed to write my name on all of the ones that are for me to eat, and label the ones I am willing to share?

Does it feel like you just aren't as productive as you'd like to be when you try to work this holiday season? The answer?
Hire some cats. This is the Monkey in the Field's home office, and I can only assume the workflow is manageable because of her feline assistants.
Please note that there is one missing, you know, that nuisance coworker who is always on break.

I am still trying to get past the serious lack of creepy monkeys from my birthday, and now I have to be concerned that I will also go without any Yorkie Love to wrap around my finger. 
I see a lot of letters sprinkled about that ad, but there really are no words.

Time to get that list wrapped up, or at least start crossing off the things that don't stand a chance,even if we forego sleep! Don't forget to breathe...