Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random fog

The claritinique I was taking to combat this season's allergy storm proved to be rather ineffective, so today I tried faux allegra. I seem to be less symptomatic, but with the new feature of that medicine hazy fog. Of course there is the chance that it is not my senses that have dulled, but just my whole self...maybe I am dull, sort of diluted. I am kind of ok with that. I am tired of being tired and exhausted with my thoughts as of late. Perhaps shaking some of this random free will take a load off? Worth a shot...

Here is a random conversation from a typical night of trying to get a meal on the table:
Mom: (Picking up the box of hard taco shells the husband brought home when asked to get soft shells.) Why can't you listen to what I am saying when I talk?
Dad: I thought I was.
Mom: (Noticing daughter shredding wrapper from cheddar along with the cheese) Good help is hard to find.
Daughter: I am offended.
Mom: Then go be offended with your father.
Mom: Um, son, everyone else is over here getting dinner ready.
Son: (From the couch) I am over here not wearing pants.

After mentioning that I didn't have as much chicken as I thought I had made, the son announced (from the couch...in his boxers) that this was a disappointing return to Taco Tuesday.

Speaking of the son, I regret to inform you that he will not be attending the ninth grade dance. If you missed any of the details of that event you can find them here, here, and here. I asked him what I was supposed to do with the NON-matching velour outfit I was hoping he'd wear. So sad. He said a lot of drama goes on at the event that he would prefer to avoid. I did not see a special section of the letter to parents addressing drama, and I really thought they had covered everything.

Well, we know this menu item is addicting, but the rest of the information about it is rather mysterious. "You can't stop." 
You will be relieved to know that we did manage to stop, and I am still not entirely sure what I ate.

So what color wig is the most universally accepted for the workplace?

There is nothing that subdues a bully like advice from Dear Carolyn. 
Nobody can bully her husband...except her!
I had a perfect storm of self-loathing brewed up last week. The winds have settled down a bit, but I think there is enough debris left for its own post. I am sure the anticipation is killing you!

Thanks to Stacy, the hostess with the mostess (and wine, AND a crown)!


  1. As a SAHM who is letting her gray (ok - it's salt and pepper) gleam - I am SO glad I don't have to go to work!! Is there a link to the article?

    1. That picture was from our local paper, which I can't find a link to, but here is one for the associated press...http://news.yahoo.com/gray-hairs-fashion-154749244.html

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OK, you need to take the faux Allegra more often...I'm laughing so hard at your entire post that I actually snorted. Thanks for that. ;) And thanks for confirming that my family isn't the only incompetent...I mean dorky...one. ;) You're my hero. :)

    Mother's Day Snap-Happy, Network Upfront Disappointments and Mindless TV, Non-Natural Aubrey O'Day, The Hunger Games Enjoyment

  3. It must be a boy thing, this reluctance to wear pants. Mine is sitting right here next to me, pantsless!

  4. First, don't even get me started on the allergies! I'm taking double doses of everything and I think they may still be the death of me. And drama is the least concerning thing that goes on at school dances. If you aren't already secretly relieved he's not going, you should be! And yeah, hard shells when I asked for soft.....my husband would so do that! Thank goodness about the gray hair though--I guess I can stop coloring mine now.

  5. I swear my kids walk around the house half naked all the time you'd swear I'm running a nudist colony. Makes doing the laundry a breeze though. You just have to watch where you look sometimes.....

  6. "I'm over here not wearing pants." My family. Every night. Not just Taco Tuesday. Sigh.

    If I go all grey and it is unacceptable at work, I am dying it purple. Better, right?

    WAIT. Go back . . . no dance??? But, but, but . . . I'm not sure I can handle this shocking and devastating news! Could he be persuaded to go JUST for blogging purposes. Like a super secret undercover reporter? And just come back and TELL you about all the drama? I mean, this isn't an unreasonable request, right? Coming from a strange woman on the interwebs that your son has never met before? Oh, wait . . .

  7. "I am over here not wearing pants." this made me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. Seriously. I woke the dog up.

    And I hear you about the self-loathing. I've been drinking from a big jug of that this week. Hope we both run out this week!

    1. of haterade. I MEANT to say "Hope we both run out of haterade this week!". See? I even suck at commenting. Ha!