Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random allergies

I thought this post would be titled Random Sinus Infection, but that is not what the doctor said when I dragged myself there the other day. I sat in the exam room with that same anticipation I used to have when I'd bring my son in for a sore throat. I would hope for a positive strep test so we could get that chalky Amoxicillin flowing, and have him feeling better in twenty-four hours. Granted the antibiotics I've had for sinus infections never seem to take hold that quickly, but at least they offer some hope that relief is on its way. But alas, I presented allergy symptoms, and was sent home to my fake Allegra. Before anyone suggests the netti-pot, let me just give you a little (well, actually it is too much) information, I am fairly certain that the saline solution I squirted up my nose on Friday evening was still draining out yesterday.

In final preparations for my mother's retirement party here over the weekend, I once again stuck to what was important when readying one's house for company. I hauled an old wooden school desk out of my mother's storage room, deciding I had the perfect spot for it...then had to paint it the night before the shin-dig. Mother Nature decided to make it too hot out on Saturday for any of the guests to go outside to enjoy all of the yardwork the husband felt compelled to do, and all of the flowers my mom had potted for the deck. The event was a success though, in that the attendees and guest of honor enjoyed themselves, AND I finally found some wine I could stand to drink. I would dare to say I might have even enjoyed them, at least in the tiny sampling sized portions I tasted.
A Riesling, Moscato and something red and sweet with berry...In other words, none of the ones that it seems real wine drinkers like.

My senior ball photo album was recently resurrected. The flood of faces looking up off the pages was almost too much for me to manage. My twenty-five year class reunion is right around the corner. I am at a loss for what to do with that information. I haven't been to any of the others, and didn't really bother much with excuses, but this time an old friend I reconnected with on facebook actually asked if I was going (well, more like she said I had better be going). Hmmmm...my feelings on that topic are probably another post on their own (or a therapy session). However, here is a little random high school ditty I thought was fun to share...my class ring. 
The name engraved on the inside of my ring is "Andrea Jeanne". I went with my middle name because the ring company called me one afternoon to tell me that my desire to have my first and last name was not possible because it was one letter too long. Seriously...one letter. They asked if I wanted to just leave off the last letter, and since my name was constantly misspelled as it was, this did not appeal. They also suggested just my first initial with my last name, but that wasn't impressing me at the time either.

Oh, on another random note, I feel compelled to clarify a point on my post from yesterday. I have no issues with moms who stay home, I have no issues with moms who work. I have issues with myself, and my reluctance to accept that my mommy role seems to be getting downsized at an alarming rate, or at least the job description is changing. Then I went and threw in everything else...but the kitchen sink!

Hey Stacy! If you are serving your homemade wine at your Random Tuesday Rebellion, I will bring my leftover cheese and chocolate as a hostess gift!


  1. Sorry about your allergies, happy the party went well, and I think your post yesterday was written perfectly!

  2. Sinus issues are the worst - whether it be from allergies or sinus infections. My aunt swears by the Netti Pot, but my ENT warned me that those are not a great idea due to too many people using the the 'wrong' way. I tried one once, but didn't like that weird feeling of the saline solution rushing in one nostril and out the other... ;)

    Glad your even was such a success! And I think the wine you fell in love with is perfect 'wine drinkers' wine - you know, for the discerning wine drinkers like us. ;) That's the kind I make - so yes, I'll be sending you some to try. ;)

    What a great idea going with your first and middle name for your ring - I bet Princess Nagger might have the same issue, she was always complaining about having the most letters in her name to write when she was in Kindergarten. ;)

    Bring on the left over chocolate and cheese - I've got plenty of wine to share! ;)

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  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. And I love random stuff, it is like getting caught up with a friend you happen to run into at (ahem) Target. :)


    1. Shall we meet in the candy aisle? Hopefully near the dark chocolate with marzipan? ;)

  4. I can't use a neti pot, either. I use that Simply Saline spray and that's about the best I can do.

    Yay!! I am glad that the party was a hit!

    I did not take anything you said yesterday as being an indictment of anyone's "mom-style" choices, for the record.

    I have no idea what happened to my high school ring...