Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random dinosaur

You know, Wilma Flintstone had a a lot going for her, and she made great use of what she had (including that dolt Fred). Her best friend lived next door, and all of her damn household appliances cooperated for the most part. Today I find myself trying to live in this Jetson fast-paced world just wishing it didn't all move in such hurry up fashion. Meanwhile in the back of my mind I am wondering why some things take so damn long. I am conflicted.

We are trying to refinance our mortgage. It will cost us $3500 to stay with the same bank, pay $100 less each month, and shorten the life of the loan by a year. I know how that supposedly makes sense on paper, but as a practical matter? No. The hoops we are jumping through and the phone calls we aren't getting from the people who are supposed to be making them? Enough already. I think there are times when matters require more than phone calls and emails. I think I need a human being to look me in the eye so I can confirm that they are actually listening and responding to the question at hand. I want to show them the numbers that seem wrong, instead of them explaining where they got a possibly different set of numbers.

That is all for the random, and fleeting, aggravation. Moving on...
I noticed a couple of blogs that I follow celebrated blogging anniversaries/birthday recently. That got me thinking that things felt a little bit older around here. (I think I need a little sprucing up. Again, think Wilma.) I missed this blog's special day by over a month! Not only do I not know if they make cards intended for such belated greetings, but I am not positive which route to go with. Part of me thinks wishing this blog a Happy Second Birthday sounds super swell, because birthdays mean cake! Then again, the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton, and the modern is china. I could work with that. Maybe the best bet is to eat cake and
cotton candy off of my china. That is not to say that the occasion doesn't warrant something this fancy...This is what Fozzie does when we are home. I try not to imagine what goes one when we are out.

My grandmother locked herself out of her house yesterday. Not just the door from the garage to the house (which is an easy fix), but the other door from the garage to the great outdoors got locked when she walked next door to visit with the neighbor. My cousin recently made us all keys for that outside door in case we couldn't find the secret under the rock key. My grandmother called me because there was no key under the rock. I called my cousin to ask him where he put the key after having copies made, and he gave me a very descriptive definition of where, IN THE GARAGE it was located. Fantastic. The good news was that I was my grandmother's first call, so she wasn't worried about anyone else's whereabouts. By some stroke of luck I was able to quickly locate my copy of the key.

These little guys have been hanging out on our kitchen counter for a few months now.
I got them for my daughter for Christmas because, even though she doesn't play with her Calico Critters very much any more, they cracked me up and I knew she would get a kick out of them as well. There is really no reason for them to still be on the counter. I thought maybe we left them there because they made us smile, but I am starting to think that they are just creepy enough for me to be afraid to move them.

Thanks to Stacy for keeping the random alive and kicking!



  1. My blog is about three years old, and I didn't 'refresh' it until about three months ago. I like to think of it as a little nip and tuck. For onlly about $35, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than that lipo I really need.

  2. I want to freshen up my blog too, but it keeps moving to the bottom of the list. Those critters made me giggle - afraid to move them LOL

  3. Yeah, those critters are kind of creepy. I wouldn't move them until they weren't looking at me!

    The only thing keeping us from refinancing is all the trouble we went through last time we refinanced! What a colossal pain in the backside.

  4. Paying $3500 to save $100 and shorten the life of the loan does make sense on paper, but it's that 'up front' $3500 I'd be having issues with. I agree, a face-to-face would be a better way to go, because then you're not just a random voice connected to the big pile'o'papers on someone's desk. ;) My sister and her hubby went through the same headache last year and ended up going to a different lender to get what they wanted in a timely manner (since the first place took over 6 months to bat them around like a cat toy). :) Good luck with that!

    Happy (belated) Second Blogiversary! I think you should celebrate. You deserve it. :)

    I think it's funny that your cousin put the house key in the garage instead of back under the fake rock - well, I'm sure it's funny now but probably not at the time your poor grandmother locked herself out. ;)

    Those Calico Critters do look kind of scary... ;)

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  5. Those critters are super creepy. I'm afraid if you move them they might steal your soul.

    Happy anniversary!! Definitely need cake. No doubt.

  6. Happy Anniversary Andrea! May be we need to go to Panera to celebrate. I have 2 free pastries on my card!

  7. Those calico things have eyes that follow you where ever you go, don't they? :)

  8. YAY! Any occasion to dress up and eat cake and cotton candy on fine China. Congratulations!

    What are those...meerkats? Hehehe, they look about ready to attack.

  9. Yes, killer miniature meerkats!