Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What happened to Monday?

I obviously misplaced yesterday, or passed out when it raced by pushing me off the road, and I missed it! Geesh! Well, no matter. I know that it's Tuesday and the force that guides me says it's time to fling some random around. When you're done here you can click on the wineglass and see what fabulous ditties other folks have to share today!


By noon yesterday I had gone housecleaning, leaving my own hovel behind, picked up food for dinner, and cut the lawn at the family camp. I sat down later with the woman whose house I had cleaned and told her I felt like I had accomplished nothing. She felt as though she had done a lot because she knew her house was clean. My mother was glad that he lawn had been mowed. I wonder if I would feel that glory if someone else cleaned my house while I read a good book off site? Either way, it might be worth a try, as the house would be clean without me doing it.

I keep asking the kids what they want to do with their day, and am being told "nothing". Either the question is too open-ended, or they really know how to relax. Or maybe the Game Show Network is the same sort of vortex that Mtv was for me all those years ago. Of course, then I feel anxious, as I take full responsibility for making sure they reflect back on a super swell summer.

How long after I walked away do we think someone decided they wanted one of these dishes and caused the whole precariously stacked display to fall?

Poor Peter-dog was trying so hard to use the force to get that water bottle to cooperate, or to get the humans to realize he'd like a drink out of something more canine-appropriate.

Oh, to clear up any possible confusion caused by my previous post...yes, that mosquito blood cleanup conversation did happen, AND my husband still did not manage to get the spot out!

Well I once again stepped gracefully out of the workforce that was the coffeehouse...about as gracefully as one can step out of dog-doo that is. The owner was "not necessarily" happy that I quit, and it doesn't get much warmer or fuzzier than that. Perhaps there will be more on that topic, AFTER I pick up my final paycheck.

So how are things looking WAY out there where you are?


  1. Housework stinks!
    You're dog is a cutie!

    Happy RT!

  2. PIcking up that last paycheck is hard...never know how it's going to turn out. Good luck!

  3. Housework is only fun when you are doing it at someone else's house. And someone else is cleaning your house! Or reading a good book while someone cleans is fun! Yes, I would take that one.

    Sometimes kids just want to do nothing. A lot of times kids just want to do nothing...or maybe all the time.

  4. I would love to come home to a clean house with a lawn that had been mowed and supper on the table that was not cooked by me.

    And I LOVE the picture of that dog!!!

  5. Me? I can clean when the kids are gone. And if it's ok as far as the Health Dept is concerned, then we're all good.