Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can't hide from the random

Thank goodness it is time to air out the random around here. For one thing, I am unable to finish any coherent thought on a single topic. In a related story, this whole house needs to air out in general. Luckily I don't have to put a lot of effort into cleaning up the place and being a decent hostess, because Stacy takes care of that duty for us...thank you!

The fresh air (or at least as fresh as whatever the central air is pumping out) is needed to eradicate the cooties that took over the girl child's body just after midnight last night. (Or is that this morning? Not sure when the changeover in describing the day takes place. I had been asleep for over an hour, but the husband hadn't gone to bed yet.) It's never a good sign to see one of your children paying a middle of the night visit, as I have never been awakened to be told anything warm and fuzzy. By 1:30 a.m. (morning yet?), she was free from any pains in her tummy after a two-directional complete body flush had taken place.

We climbed into my bed to watch some television, after I set the husband up in the spare bedroom. There was much better television on than there was eleven years ago when I was up alone nursing my sweet girl in the wee hours. My joy over finding that Family Ties was on was quickly displaced when, during the opening sequence, there was the final picture frame of that blonde little boy who wormed his way onto that show. I don't think I even watched it much anymore by the time he arrived. By 3:00 a.m. we had watched both episodes of the very special story of Alex P. Keaton and Courtney Cox dumping each other...bleah! When Wonder Years came on, I had to really push myself to look away from the glowing screen and try to fall asleep. What if Winnie and Kevin were going to kiss?!

I like to pretend that after spending some quality bucket holding time with either of my children, we should be a gross-free zone for a small period of time. Here are a few gems that occurred today while I was busy pretending...in random order (of course)...

* I was met with a clogged toilet (duh!) when attempting to tidy up at least some portion of our bathroom. (I was certainly under the impression that the plunger was not a tool I should've had to use today.)

* I grabbed slightly moldy bread when I tried to make my toast this morning. (I totally believed I deserved my usual toast with peanut butter breakfast.)

* I found an open freezer door when I went out to the garage. That is where we keep our frozen yum-yums, so not only was the situation icky, but sad as well. (I absolutely expected the opportunity to enjoy a creamsicle at some point today.)

* I dropped our last two eggs on the floor when I tried to take the carton out of the fridge when I was making dinner. One escaped its shell completely, and I was momentarily paralyzed by exactly how to get that off the kitchen floor. (I was so pretending that the kitchen floor we cleaned earlier today was going to stay clean at least until tomorrow... Oh, and why did we clean that sticky floor? Last night when I was making dinner, I knocked a small open cup of someone's leftover 7Up on myself and the floor. By the way, regular 7Up gets crunchy in your hair when it dries, as well as sticky on the floor. Don't bother trying it, you can trust me on this one!)

* My husband still had to go out of town until tomorrow night. (I hoped there was a vomit clause in the employee handbook, or at least special time home when one's wife is exhausted.)

* My son asked if he could go to a friend's house for hide & seek in the dark tonight with a 10:30 p.m. pick up time. (I figured we were going to sit in a circle singing Kumbaya together until we had officially weathered twenty-four hours. Or I at least thought he would respect my plan to be in bed by 8:30.)

* My inadequacies as a maid were highlighted when it was brought to my attention that my son was wearing two pairs of rather thick mesh basketball shorts because he was out of clean underwear. Seriously, I just put two clean batches of laundry in the hall a couple of days ago, but with the heat, bug spray and tennis camp, he has thrown in an extra shower here and there that were not accounted for. Apparently my girl assisted him in choosing the order of his layers by pointing out the longer shorts. (I could pretend that I am not amused by this story at all, but in my heart of hearts, I know this is just one of many reasons why I love those two people so!)

Oh, my son also pointed out the snuggie fuzzy royal blue socks he wore to tennis today, because he was out of clean socks as well.


  1. My goodness! You have a had such a day, and in my opinion you have exhibited great self-control. I would have started crying right around the freezer door. Melted treats are too sad to contemplate in this heat!

  2. Oh no!! I get days like that too... You made me laugh at the yum yum situation that was not only sticky, but sad too.. I had something similar happen to chocolate that melted so much it was unsaveable :(