Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough...

Ah, the weekend...full of possibilities and opportunities...for me to be aggravated? Since my daughter chose Friday evening's dinner (granted I had narrowed it down to something starting with raw chicken), I figured I would let the slightly smaller of the two man-childs choose Saturday evening's fare, but I left the door a little too far open for the selection process. I am not sure which part of my brain was faulty wired enough to allow me to think that he would conjure up something that could be constructed out of items already in the house. He did choose something that involved minimal effort though, aside from actually braving Wegmans on a Saturday afternoon.

I decided to give my full attention to the couponing effort, so I was cross referencing the Target ad with the Target coupons with the manufacturers' coupons with the flimsy Wegmans flier and last but not least, my actual grocery list. I hadn't decided just how ambitious I was feeling and considered saving Target for a less populated weekday. Then my daughter asked what we were doing on Sunday, and if we could possibly make a trip to Target (as both kids had Target gift cards setting their pockets aflame). When I am feeling indecisive, as I was, I will let a gentle breeze sway me, so off the three of us went for a sure to be fun filled, productive and money saving trip to Wegmans and Target. We had lists and coupons and reusable shopping bags at the ready.

Yes, we had those three things at the ready, just moments earlier, at home. As I narrowly escaped losing my ankles to a youth driven, I reached in my purse for the coupon caddy that contained our list, and it was not there. Before sending my son out to the car to check between the seats, (Because really? If he came in empty handed, I'd have doubted his investigative skills and ended up going back out myself anyway.) I decided to phone home to see if our missing items were there (only because I knew they would be in plain sight if they were). I tried to keep my growing aggravation in check, as I said "Hi! Is the coupon thing right there on the counter?" (pause while he checks) "Yes it is. Well, actually it's on the island." Um, New Year's resolution to be more pleasant be damned, as I might've not been doing my best as I snapped (not quietly) something along the lines of "What difference does it make which countertop surface the item is on when I am here at Wegmans?" Suffice to say, he arrived very promptly with our coupon/list carrier. Yes, I was very grateful, and no I will not badger him any further about his his face...(baby steps, baby steps).

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